Learn How to Pop a Pit Bike Wheelie in 36 Seconds: 5 Super Tips

One of the best skills you can learn while riding a pit bike is doing a wheelie. It’s pretty much the most proven trick novice motorcyclists want to learn when they first buy a Pit bike.

The principle and strategy once understood to blow up a wheelie is pretty easy, only the implementation stage is the most challenging, but I will give you some quick tips that will make you an expert in no time.

5 quick tips for making a wheelie

Don’t be afraid of falling. It sounds obvious but without pain there is no gain. You won’t get seriously hurt, maybe a few bumps and bruises, but it’s all part of it. You must understand that if you are afraid you will never master this trick because it is inevitable that you will go out. Wear suitable protective clothing such as pants, helmet, protectors, boots.

Balance is the key When starting out, I recommend that you use second gear for the main duration of the wheelie. After shifting from first to second gear, lean back with your body weight toward the back of the seat. Your butt should be almost to the end of the seat so that your center of gravity is above the middle. It should lean back enough so that the front wheel is more than 45 degrees.

Using the foot brakes for balance Keep leaning back and slowly increasing the throttle. You are trying to find the balance point of the bike. If you find that you are going to do a backward turn, don’t worry, an easy way to combat this is to put your feet on the ground and drop the bike or touch the rear foot brake and you will lower the front wheel. If the bike falls down, don’t worry, it won’t break, just maybe a few scratches. Another way is to drag your feet on the ground while starting the wheelie. This is kind of a cheat, but it is a good way to learn. When you can keep your balance, place your feet on the pegs.

Keeping RPM on the Wheelie to Maintain Momentum If you don’t keep revs high, the front wheel will go down because it lost momentum and speed. You can correct this by shifting a gear into third, but this is a bit more advanced and you need to master balance first before attempting this stage.

Holding the Wheelie Longer with Gear Shifters Gear shifting keeps revs high, but it takes extra skill because you’re on the rear wheel while shifting gears. Again, this is similar to “Keeping the momentum” and for the more advanced rider. You can wheelie for miles if you change gears. I know riders who can wheelie 3-4 miles on a pit bike. Yes, amazing, I must admit.

Super Little Trick For Novice Riders: If you want to wheelie for miles, use this trick. Well, it’s not really just another gimmick more like a modification of your bike. Keep the revs at full throttle and don’t be afraid to use your foot brake assignment. What we are going to do is put a front brake mounted on the handlebar at the rear. Because the footbrake is small on pit bikes, it is sometimes harder to find. Your feet will slip while driving, so when you need to use the foot brake to prevent yourself from rolling backward, your foot could slip. Remove the pedal from the foot brake assembly all together so there is no pedal backwards. Remove the existing hydraulic cable and buy a longer one similar to the length of your front brakes, but it should run from the rear brake assembly to the front handlebar. You need to buy a front brake box set for the left side. You can get them on eBay for a very low price of $ 20 to $ 30. It must be the left side because obviously the right side is needed for the throttle. A Py90 or Quad assembly will work. Make sure you match the diameter of the hydraulic brake line bolt to match the two brake housings. Bleed the brakes to get it to work. It now has front-mounted rear brakes. Wheel your heart out for the contents and when you feel like you are going to back up, tap on the left hand brake and your front wheel will drop immediately 🙂 (Make sure all parts are installed correctly by a qualified mechanic)

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