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Latest apps available on Google Play Store

If you don’t own an Apple device, you shouldn’t be disappointed as it now has a lot more to do with your Google-powered device. Downloading the latest apps available from the Google app store, for example, will get you going and let you enjoy your Android smartphone. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer for Android users this week.

The given list contains the most searched apps that are available for download by Android users.

Xbox gaming experience

Xbox SmartGlass is a free download application from Microsoft. Now, whether or not you have an Xbox, you can still enjoy the gaming experience with your Android smartphone. You can control your TV shows, movies, music, surf the Internet, and use other functions on your console. Who knows, you might be able to use it as a second screen for games. However, users of the tab still have to wait for their other version to launch.

An app to make kids smarter

Britannica has launched an app for kids with a price tag of $ 1.98. Britannica Kids is an application that is designed to teach children a lot about academics related topics. Kids can easily learn while having fun about various topics, including the solar system, ancient Rome, the Aztec empire, knights and castles, dinosaurs, rainforests, snakes, ancient Egypt, and volcanoes. The presentation of the content is easy to understand with images, interactive media and little text for description.

Narrative audiobooks

The Rockford Musical Audiobooks app is another app designed for kids. However, with this application there is a catch; you will receive the first volume for free, for the next three chapters you will have to pay an amount of $ 4.78. Kids will love this app as they will have an enhanced story experience as the story is told along with pictures and music to add to the fun.

Android media streaming

Ever wonder how much fun it would be if you could actually connect your Android device to TV for streaming media? Well now you can with the Belkin app which is compatible with my Twonky technology, using this technology you can easily stream music and movies through your Android device to the TV. This can be done by connecting it through the browser. You can even play content by streaming it from your home library to your tablet or smartphone.

Travel and share

Montblanc is smart about launching an online marketing campaign to instantly connect people to your brand. This application is called Montblanc Worldsecond; With this application you can upload your travel photo to the site. You can even apply 4 filters that are similar to Instagram and even share it on your social media account like Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

Swipe and switch

The most amazing application is the one that allows you to change the navigation scenario with just one turn. Download Flip Launcher for free and have fun moving your smartphone, now you don’t need to navigate the whole menu, but rotate and get to that specific application or program. In this way, you save time and arrive without having to go through the entire menu. You can make a configuration of up to 24 so that the inversion works on the number of menus or files.

Synchronize via Android

Now you can sync with your Android device through the Google Drive service. This service will allow you to access the files that exist in the Google cloud, upload files and share them on your network by specifying the number of users. All of this is possible through the Google Drive service that is compatible with the Insync application. Also, you can realize the functionality of exporting files that are already on your SD card and saving folders for offline viewing. Interestingly, you can even stream video and music files in the same way.

Annotating made easy

If you have an Android touch device, you have the advantage of using Bamboo Paper. Through this app it’s simple, but you still need a stylus ($ 39.94), Bamboo Paper is easy to use and it’s all about taking notes on your smartphone. You can even draw or scribble and even flip through your stored notes. This application is available for free download.

All the above mentioned apps are available on the Google Play Store and you can check the compatibility option for your own Android device version to find out which one suits your device / smartphone.

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