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La Jolla, the vacation “gem”

The perfect vacation, La Jolla, in Spanish for “the jewel,” will quickly become a precious jewel in your heart. With some of the most beautiful terrain and attractions in California, La Jolla (pronounced la hoya) is also home to exquisite arts, restaurants, activities, and shopping. Just a short drive north of San Diego, you won’t need a passport to visit this exotic paradise.

The average temperature for April is in the 60s. Even in December, temperatures remain around 65 degrees. The average temperature for August is 75 degrees, mild and breezy. Regardless of when you visit, you are almost guaranteed perfect vacation weather.

How do you choose the right vacation rental? Answer some questions. how many people in your party? How long are you staying? What do you want to do during your stay? How much money do you want to spend?

You can choose to stay on the stunning beaches, especially if you want to surf, windsurf or swim. Between January and March, this area is ideal for whale watching. Of course, the sunset in La Jolla is the main draw. Stay near the “Kiddie Pool” area, near incredible offshore reefs perfect for diving and snorkeling. The area, also known as “Casa”, is just a short walk from the city. Get a glimpse of the wildlife at Seal Rock, just offshore, which is home to seals and sea lions.

Here, there is a fine line between a luxury vacation and a business trip in La Jolla. Even the most ferocious workaholic can find leisure and entertainment. The golf courses have ocean views. It’s easy to plan a great family vacation around your business trip. Legoland, the San Diego Zoo, many aquariums, and Disneyland make great day trips to bring out the kid in all of us.

Endless entertainment awaits you in La Jolla. The area thrives with gourmet restaurants, music, and theater. Nightclubs, wine bars, and comedy clubs provide all kinds of pleasures. La Jolla Playhouse opens its doors to award-winning performing arts.

Boutique shopping makes Beverly Hills jealous. Girard Avenue and Prospect Place feature dozens of unique stores. Shopaholics are sure to find the right gift, and La Jolla visitors won’t be able to leave without a souvenir of this dream vacation.

The peaceful coastline turns hiking into a spiritual journey. Windsurfing, surfing, and even skydiving are best against the picturesque backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Not ready for so much activity? Try a relaxing day of pampering at the spa or in the sun. La Jolla has many exclusive luxury spas. The spectacular landscape panorama is an indulgent location for weddings, vacations, anniversaries, and private romantic getaways.

La Jolla caters for many interests, including more sporting activities. Horse mackerel, shark and rock cod and other exhilarating sport fishing trips are available most of the year. A short drive to San Diego wins big with professional baseball and soccer and minor league hockey.

Whether traveling alone for business or taking the family on vacation, La Jolla will take your breath away. With so many attractions, you will have to come back to do it all. And with La Jolla residents expressing such wonderful hospitality, you will always feel welcome.

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