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Kitchen Backsplash Tile Design Ideas – 11 Tips for the Perfect Backsplash

1. Draw a map.

The backsplash is literally one of the first things you notice when entering a kitchen, therefore you need to take extra care when planning your backsplash design. Not only should it be beautiful, the backsplash should bring the whole room together. Be sure to consider all items such as the countertop, floors, cabinets, and wall color when selecting your tile. More importantly, take the time to plan your tile placement – where do you start? What happens at the edges? Are the edges full of awkward cuts? Usually you start in the middle of the wall and work your way out. And never forget the importance of small details in creating a professional-looking tile design. Plan, plan, plan!

2. Opt for durability.

Cooking is such an important part of our daily life. While it is certainly where we nurture our bodies, it is also where we relax, visit, entertain, and even just “hang out.” You want to create a clean and comforting environment that will withstand heavy use. Materials should be durable and stylish … you know, beauty and functionality! Fortunately, tile is incredibly durable, making it a wonderful material to use in your kitchen.

3. Choose your style.

A kitchen backsplash is the finishing touch that can make or break a room, so it needs to be in sync with the rest of the kitchen. Backsplash designs work best when they echo the kitchen theme. It just doesn’t make sense to have a retro-style backsplash in a French country kitchen.

4. Create the atmosphere.

Besides size, pattern and shape, there is a much more difficult factor to put into words: aesthetics. Your choice of material, as well as the pattern, should reflect the mood you hope to achieve. Do you prefer rustic or modern, subdued or vibrant, elegant or textured? Each material has a different character.

5. Express yourself with color.

Because the backsplash is a relatively small area, this is your chance to play with color. It is always safe to choose warm and soft colors. However, you can be much more daring! This is your chance to add an exciting pop of color.

6. Play with the pattern.

Patterns add interest, especially if you’re on a budget. An easy way to save money is to select standard tiles in complementary or contrasting colors and then arrange them to create an interesting pattern. For example, an unusual checkered pattern can make your kitchen feel like a quaint little bistro rather than a boring rental apartment.

7. Use texture.

As with color and pattern, texture can set the tone for your entire kitchen. For example, earth-colored granite tiles cut into a uniform size are warm and inviting, while metal tiles, on the other hand, create a contemporary and modern feel.

8. It’s all in the details.

It’s the little details that make a kitchen “yours” instead of looking like it just came off a showroom floor. Intriguing kitchen backsplash designs have more to do with thoughtful details than grand gestures. And honestly, it doesn’t take much to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen tile design. A few well-placed accent tiles, diamond tiles instead of squares, or a colorful checkered diamond tile backsplash can literally set your kitchen apart from the rest.

9. Select the material carefully.

The resurgence of tile has brought many different types to the market, such as ceramic, stone, metal, and glass. In fact, the variety of tiles can be quite overwhelming. Take some extra time to choose the material for your backsplash. As mentioned, you want something durable and beautiful. More importantly, you want a tile design that reflects your sense of style, as you will likely have this tile for some time to come.

10. Get the most out of your investment.

You can get the most out of your investment by investing in the area above the stove or stove. A custom backsplash over the stove creates a natural focal point for your kitchen.

11. Be creative.

Do you want to break with the norm? Why not extend the kitchen backsplash to the top of the cabinets? Clean lines will make your kitchen feel more modern. Have you ever thought about using glass blocks as a kitchen backsplash? Natural sunlight can easily transform a kitchen from a dark and dingy room to a bright, radiant space where you want to hang out. Be creative!

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