Jelq Device Compared to Hand Jelqing: A Review

The Jelquing method of penis enlargement is an ancient Arabic method that men used to use by hand before. But nowadays with the advancement of technology, there are certain devices that are used to do this. Among all these devices, the Jelq device stands out, which helps in penis enlargement.

Now this device is very simple that it has roller wheels that also has a precision wheel adjustment. All you have to do is roll it over the erect penis shaft. First you need to roll it forward and then back; This must happen in a rhythmic way if you want to increase the size of the penis. This device works with mechanical energy. So you won’t need to plug it into anything or you won’t need batteries either.

Now this device basically has two little wheels that are cylindrical in shape and this is used to roll on your penis. If you’re afraid you’re not comfortable, the Jelq has hard foam padding so you won’t feel a thing. But then you will feel a little pressure on your penis, which is the main point of the device.

Before, you could do this with your hand. All you needed to do was adopt a posture like “OK” using your hands and then apply pressure to your penis using that. But the Jelq device has made life easier for all men and boys. Instead of your hand grabbing the penis, the rollers grab it and all you need to do is move it.

The cells found in the penile tissue will divide due to the pressure exerted by the device. Once this is done, they will be able to mature. If the cells present increase in number, the size of the penis will begin to grow immediately. You should be aware that cell division is an irreversible process. Therefore, you cannot change the size of the penis that you will get. So this is better than taking all those penis enlargement pills.

Now, since your penis size will increase thanks to the Jelq device, you will find that you will feel much more confident when approaching women too … so it will also help improve your love life. This is really a huge boost to your confidence. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to this device either; Anyone of any age can use it without difficulties.

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