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Is your sex life up to par?

Sex: a billion dollar industry. The average amount of time spent viewing pornography online is one and a half hours per week. However, not many people have sex. And you? How is your love life? Find out if you and your partner are up to the task.

Many married couples admit to having sex only a few times a month. The average time spent having sex is about thirty-three minutes per session from start to finish. Compare that to the amount of time you spend per week watching television, which is roughly five hours per day.

It is sad that one of the greatest gifts we have been blessed with receives so little recognition. Sex provides so many health benefits that it is insane to deny ourselves this pleasure.

The next time you think that you are too busy to have sex, you may want to consider what this little pleasure can do for you, not only today, but later in life you will reap the benefits of having a healthy sex life and vigorous.

Sex does all of these things and more:

1. Reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

2. Boost your immune system by helping your body make an antibody called immunoglobulin A

3. Burns calories: approximately 85 for 30 minutes

4. Improves cardiovascular health and helps reduce the risk of a fatal heart attack.

5. It brings you and your partner closer. It’s hard to get mad at someone if you are in frequent intimate relationships. There is scientific evidence that increased physical contact, such as making love and hugging, causes our bodies to produce a hormone called oxytocin. This increases our urge to nurture and unite. It sounds like emotions fueling hormones that in turn stimulate emotions!

6. Reduce pain by raising those levels of oxytocin, your body will produce more endorphins to ease your pain and promote happiness.

7. Women, who learn to do Kegel exercises during sexual intercourse, can significantly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for better control. The added benefit here is that with a stronger pelvic floor you can minimize your risk of incontinence later in life.

8. Sleep better: With elevated levels of oxytocin, you will fall asleep faster and rest more soundly.

So next time your partner nudges you or has that glint in their eyes, go ahead … indulge yourself. You will treat yourself to a full list of benefits and pleasures, not to mention how happy this will make your man.

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