Increase your height at any age with the right nutrition, sleep and exercise plan

Believe it or not, it is possible to grow taller at any age. Recent research from Harvard University has found that eating essential amino acids can lead to increased growth hormone reproduction in the pituitary gland, ultimately leading to taller stature.

There are some exceptional techniques to grow taller naturally without the need for expensive surgeries and overnight magic pills.

Sleep to grow taller

You need to lose mattresses and pillows, instead put a cloth sheet and sleep on it. The ground is straight and hard, which will straighten and strengthen your bones tenfold. When you wake up, studies from McGill University have shown that people who wake up from sleeping on mattresses and pillows are, on average, 1 to 2 inches taller during the first 30 minutes. Those same people who sleep only on a mattress and without a pillow add half an inch more than with the previous method. Sleeping on a hard floor with a pillow will add half an inch to an inch and a half. Removing the pillow and mattress will help you gain up to 4.4 inches in overall height. If you sleep properly, you can gain an extra non-permanent 4.4 inches height in the first 30 minutes from the moment you wake up from a long night’s sleep. These studies were based on a 30-day treatment. After just thirty days, you can gain up to 6 inches or more in height if you sleep alone. To maintain the height gained from corrected sleep, you must exercise and eat properly.

How to prevent the height gained from falling asleep?

Eat and exercise

One must eat a large amount of vitamins and minerals every day to repair muscles, bones, nerve cells, and tissues. Stretching on a hanging bar is the best way to permanently gain more inches to your height, in addition to what you gain while you sleep.

What foods are good for increasing height?

Amino acids

Specifically, L-Arginine, L-Ortinine, and L-Methionine are the most necessary amino acids in the body for growth in all major developmental areas of the human body.

Feeling short and being short is a thing of the past, as there are many techniques to grow taller. Consume meat and eggs as a very good source of amino acids that will help you absorb the necessary proteins through this process. Nuts, seeds, and milk are also essential in this diet to grow taller, even if they have far fewer nutrients than meats and fish. However, you can find these items in a store where dietary supplements are available.

What other types of activities can make you grow taller?

Jogging, running, running, swimming, sports, and all kinds of physical activities make your hormonal system work and produce the chemicals necessary for growth. Unless you eat the right foods, your growth hormone production won’t do any good. Diet is the secret, the correct amino acids (building blocks of protein), and exercise will deliver the pending elements produced (growth hormones) to their much-needed hosts. During sleep is the ideal time to produce hormones, so eat right, stay fit, sleep strong, and keep an eye out for the next article on how to grow taller naturally.

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