Improving feline love – 3 most affectionate cat breeds

Let’s start with the fact: most cats are more than happy to stay away and do NOT seek your attention, but there are still some breeds that love a good snuggle from their owners.

Having said that, I would like to give you little information: if your kitty does not enjoy your cuddles, it does not mean that he does not appreciate your love. When I say that I just want to remind you that “Any cat of any breed can have a special relationship with their person or family, or they may not even consider showing any sign of love; they are as diverse in personality and behavior as humans.”

For those who are willing to spill their love on these adorable fur balls, they can own cats of the following three breeds. The strains have been classified based on their relationship with the owners and love for them.

1. Scottish Fold / Scottish Straight – Snuggled with a stuffed animal? That is what they feel. These totally comfortable cats come with a variety of bent or upright ears. The Scottish breed is extremely friendly, and most of them will even allow children to dress them in doll clothes without getting irritated. Also, this is not the breed that will sit alone all day; They are the ones who want to be with their special every minute, so you can’t get up and leave the room without being followed. A kind of pet that will not bother you in the face and will make it clear that he wants to be near you (all the time).

2. Rag doll – So named because cats tend to go limp in your arms. A calm and relaxed breed, but one that spills all its love on you. Although cats are deceptively muscular, they make the perfect hairballs in the house. Rag dolls are the type of breed that will be happy and interested in being a part of the house. They will easily snuggle with you for hours and seek your attention if they see you avoiding them.

It seems that I’m already in love!

3. Burmese – Looking for a partner? Well, this is the breed! If you are happy, they will be there, ready to play and have fun with you. But, if you have witnessed a bad day and want to be alone and calm, the Birman will be available to quietly comfort and comfort you. The people-oriented cat! Intuitive, cuddly and cuddly, Burmese offer a shoulder to cry on, but will also entertain you like a kitten, energetically playing their favorite kitty games for hours. Sensitive and loyal, the Birman is the feline epitome of that theme song from the Friends T.V. series: I’ll be there for you! It is not like this?

That’s not just about cat breeds; There are a lot of them, but these are the ones you don’t have to think about before stroking.

Excited a lot? Well me too. Look around you guys, maybe you will find a partner.

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