Important and interesting facts about police dog training

Animals are intelligent beings. Many are capable of learning amazing tasks. Through repetition and anticipation, they can be taught to play. They can learn to do entertaining stunts. They can become workers. They earn respect and recognition. Such an animal is the graduate of a police dog training program.

In the mid-19th century, European canines began to work on law enforcement. The officers on the night shift felt the need for protection. Criminals in dark alleys could not hide from the keen senses of the Bloodhound or the Belgian Malinois. The thieves preferred to surrender rather than risk an attack. A perfect assistant for the night officer was discovered.

Official training began in Belgium and Germany around the time of the First World War. The K9s (canines) were assigned to guard duty. London and other European cities began to use them. After World War II, crime rates increased. Law enforcement needed the help that the K9s patrols could provide. Strength and aggression were no longer the only qualities considered. Intelligence and a strong sense of smell were also necessary traits. Several breeds received tests.

All K9s receive basic obedience classes. Obeying your guide keeps aggression under control. Once the experience is achieved, specialty classes follow. Search and rescue k9s search for missing persons or objects. Detection animals sniff out bombs, causes of fires, drugs, etc. Some can detect corpses, even underwater. Others are used to find living people who are lost or trapped in buildings. They excel at helping in natural disasters. Most are cross-trained in various areas.

It wasn’t until 1969-70 that k9s became widely used in the United States. Now they are used by law enforcement agencies in most major cities in the US They are specially trained, as are their partners. An officer who will be assigned to a k9 must meet strict criteria. It must be trustworthy and dedicated. Once assigned, the two of you will work together until one of them retires or dies.

K9s are respected by their manipulators and co-workers. Many use a badge to indicate their importance. Some wear a bulletproof vest. The intentional killing of a K9 is a serious crime. When he dies in the line of duty, a funeral is held. Many have lost their lives defending their partner. The most popular breed for law enforcement agencies is still the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd.

A career as a police dog trainer is exciting and challenging. Some colleges may offer the programs. Online courses are available for convenient study.

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