I hate being her friend – 3 tips for dating her

The Friend Zone. That dreaded zone a woman puts you into when she’s decided you’re not the right romantic material for her. Many men suffer in the friend zone, seeing the woman they yearn to date inferior men.

It’s you, because if you are then you have a big problem. Escaping from the Friend Zone. Think of it like escaping from a maximum security prison. Only much more difficult.

But get ready to start scaling those impenetrable walls with these three simple tips.

make yourself scarce

Stop hanging out with her so much. This can be difficult if you have strong feelings for her, but remember that your relationship won’t change if you don’t get thin. She won’t wake up one day and realize that you are the perfect man for her. So think of it as taking a break from friendship to have a romantic relationship.

What this does is give you the opportunity to reinvent yourself. And reinvention is essential. You want him to look at you in a whole new light the next time you go out. A drastic change is more believable if it occurs over weeks, rather than overnight.

reinvent yourself

Reinvention is essential to the process. You must become a more valuable commodity in his eyes the next time you meet. Changing your attitude and the way you dress is an easy way to achieve this. Not sure what kind of attitude and dress style turns her on? She examines the guys she usually dates and mimics their fashion sense and attitude.

Better yet, if there’s a celebrity or musician she really finds attractive, copy their style. But the key here is that you have to have confidence in the change. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, she will notice immediately and you will go back to the first step.

Get involved with other women

Think about the principle of supply and demand. By increasing demand for an item that is in limited supply, that item becomes much more valuable. The more valuable an item is, the more people want it. It’s human nature, and it’s a guiding principle in the dating world. If a man is in demand by multiple women, other women will believe he is of higher value.

Therefore, you must increase the demand for yourself, which means getting involved with other women. And share your newfound womanizing nature with your target. Let him see you with other women; let me see them compete for you. Nothing will make her chase you faster romantically than seeing a group of other women behind you. Because she won’t want to let a good thing slip away.

While these three tips will help you break out of the Friend Zone prison, it’s this last secret tip that girls don’t want you to know that will make you date the girl you want. Even one that put you in the friend zone.

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