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Hunting in the Paulding Forest Georgia WMA

I visited the Paulding Forest Georgia WMA over the weekend and was very irritated at first. The map was terrible, I mean terrible. I have a feeling that we will lose this Georgia WMA soon, because it seems the closer we get to losing a Georgia WMA, the worse the maps get for the WMA, and more and more private houses appear around that particular location. Georgia WMA.

Anyway, I finally got acquainted with the area, and after discovering some of the roads and where it was, I found some interesting places to share with everyone. I stopped by a little BBQ joint called Wallaces Hickory House, and it was absolutely the best BBQ sandwich I’ve ever eaten, it was very moist and juicy, and the Brunswick stew was pretty good, a little more mushy than I prefer, but still really good. In fact, I’d take the hour-long drive back from my house just for another of her sandwiches. They were located right on the corner of Ga. Hwy 101 and Goldmine Rd.

I also found a very cool camp located approx. 10 minutes outside of the Paulding Forest Georgia WMA. The campground is called The Rock. The Rock is at 130 Forsyth Lake Rd. Rockmart, Ga. 30153. Now, this is the wonderful thing about this place. They have these amazing little cabins that you can stay in that cost like thirty dollars a night, and they had a great outdoor concert area for country, bluegrass, and southern rock bands. There were early sites, RV sites, picnic tables, everything you need for a nice evening.

If you need a good breakfast, the best thing I could find closer to the Georgia WMA was a little shop that had a small buffet dinner with good fried chicken and big fries, and they also served breakfast every morning on seven days. week. The cookies were fresh, and for me they really hit the spot that morning. The store name is Scotts Market Country Cooking, sorry no phone number but they are located on Goldmine rd.

There was another little BBQ place that I found called Merles BBQ, sorry I didn’t try the food, I walked in, it was already packed from the other places I tried, and I just wanted to try their stew. The stew was great, and they had great looking homemade peach pies on the counter. I’m going to stop trying this place until my next visit, but based on how the place looks, I’m sure it’s great. If anyone tries Merles, please leave a comment and let me know.

The only thing that would have made this an amazing visit would have been a good fishing lake where I could fish at night, but anyway, I’ll try to find a good spot to fish in the area next time I’m at Paulding Forest WMA, and update the maps once you find one. I am in the process of building a library of enhanced Georgia WMA maps showing corrected roads and non-commercial Ma and Pop diners and inexpensive places to stay when visiting the Georgia WMAs. Well that’s it until my next adventure, and in the meantime, happy hunting at the Georgia WMAs.

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