How to take care of chemically processed hair

Today, if you don’t like the texture of your hair, hate its natural color, or want a different look, there are a variety of hair products and formulas you can use to achieve any of these. It’s no wonder that most people today have chemically processed hair on top of their heads. People just can’t seem to get enough of the wonders that modern science can bring to their tresses.

Just like intact hair, chemically processed hair also requires a lot of care and attention. It is necessary that before doing any treatment for your braids, you know what to do next. Here are some great techniques on how to care for chemically processed hair.

Smoothed hair

One of the most common hair treatments today is hair straightening, which should come as no surprise because super straight hair has been a wild fad in recent years.

Since chemical straightening uses strong formulas, it would be wise to let your stylist do this. Make sure your hairdresser uses high-quality straightening products that won’t leave your hair dull and damaged.

After a straightening treatment, wait at least 24-48 hours (or as directed by the stylist) before washing your hair. Avoid tying your freshly straightened hair into a ponytail or putting it in braids because this can result in unsightly curves or frizz.

Also, do not have this treatment too often. There should be at least an interval of six months before straightening the hair again. If between these months, you find that your hair isn’t as straight as you’d like, use a high-quality hair straightener like an FHI hair straightener to do the trick.

Colored hair

Getting a hair color is another easy way to update your look. It is so easy that you can do it yourself at home. After getting a new color for your hair, be sure to invest in a color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, which you should use once a week.

Don’t wash your hair 24 hours after dyeing it. If you like to swim, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to prevent chlorine from building up in your hair. It would also be better to have a weekly hair mask and monthly hot oil treatment to keep your hair well hydrated and prevent discoloration.

Also, avoid using heat-generating styling tools because this can cause the color to fade quickly. But if you really want to use a heat appliance like a hair straightener, opt for one that has an adjustable heat setting like an FHI hair straightener so you can set the heat to an ideal temperature for color-treated hair, which is below 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Just as important as finding the right salon to give your hair a safe, high-quality hair treatment is knowing how to care for your chemically processed locks afterward. Follow these techniques to keep your hair looking glorious.

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