How to shoot like a pro with Halo Reach DMR

The Halo reach DMR is replacing the Br from Halo 3 as the primary mid-range weapon. The DMR is a hit scan weapon, which means that your shot will instantly register much like the sniper in Halo 3. The main difference you will notice right away is that the DMR is a single shot weapon. The BR was, of course, a 3-round burst weapon. During the Halo Reach beta, it took 5 near-perfect shots to kill an enemy. The BR was known to be a 4-shot weapon in the hands of a skilled player.

The DMR clip is now 15 rounds over the 12 rounds in the BR. If the weapon damage does not increase on the actual launch of the game, this means that you can kill 3 enemies per clip if you perfect 5 shots. Rumors say that the bloom has been reduced, this should make this weapon more manageable than the version that was in Halo Reach Beta.

In Halo Reach it becomes even more important to shoot as a team and have all four players trying to shoot the same target. This is even more important than in Halo 3, as the DMR at least for now needs 5 instead of 4 shots to kill. So make sure you learn all the calls so you can team up DMR with your enemies.

When transitioning from BR to DMR and Halo 3 to Reach, the biggest difference in shooting is the flourish of the reticle. This means that you cannot just fire the trigger and shoot your opponent, except in some close range battles. Jump into some custom games when Reach appears and practice timing your shots. The key is to watch the bloom. As the bloom nears a full reset, this is the best time to pull the trigger. Halo Reach will reward those who time their shots and fire accurately.

As far as main shots go, I can’t say for sure that he will have to lead his shots at Reach. In Halo 3, shooting leadership was very important and changed game to game depending on the host. In Halo Reach you will probably still have to lead your shot, but not as much as the DMR is a hit scanning weapon. The sniper in Halo 3 doesn’t require you to direct your shots, so the DMR should work similar to this.

For those of you who have played Halo 3 and are familiar with the Octagon map, I suggest you head to Forge as soon as you reach for the drops and make or find a similar map. Basically the octagon is a map where there is a room with no coverage and only a few spawn points. This allows you to keep shooting the entire game and working on your aim. I know as soon as Halo Reach comes out, I’ll be busy making a DMR Octagon to take down my shot. I suggest you either do the same or get 5 shots on your Spartan on the battlefield.

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