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How to create content if you can’t write well

You know you need to create content for your website or blog to help promote your products or services, but you are stuck because you can’t write well.

But you don’t have to know how to write like a best-selling author to create amazing and effective content.

Hire a writer

Go to to hire a writer to do the work for you. Not only can you hire writers, you can even hire a full content company to help you with content ideas, content creation and publishing.

Speak your content

Even if you can’t write, you can probably speak. Get a speech-to-text software program and express your content. Just go over it and edit it a bit to make sure everything is well written and in business.

Create Videos

You don’t have to write to create awesome content. Instead, create videos or vlogs. You can then have a professional transcriber transcribe them, who can then hand them over to a contract writer tasked with creating the video content.

Make a podcast

A podcast is a lot like video, even though it’s only audio, and it can be very powerful. You can also have the podcast transcribed. You can use the transcript as is, in addition to handing it over to the writer to make some text content.

Curated content

Other people create content for their niche. Why not collect it all in one place and then offer just your thoughts on what you are sharing as if you were telling a friend about it. It can become a one-stop shop for your audience.

Attract user-generated content

Some of the best content is created by your audience. User-generated content can be in the form of forum posts, social media comments, blog post comments, and more. If your audience participates, discussions can generate great and effective content marketing.

Ask for guest bloggers

While guest blogging has changed over the years, it is not dead. Ask guest bloggers to write on various topics. Just remember that what they provide must be original and unique and must not be posted anywhere else.

You really don’t need to be able to write to create perfectly good content. You can talk about your content or you can edit content from elsewhere to personalize it. You can even hire people to do it all for you without having to think much more than coming up with the ideas.

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