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How stainless steel was used in 3 prestigious international hotels

Hotels around the world choose to use stainless steel to highlight specific aspects of structures for interior and exterior features. Today I am going to share with you some examples of how stainless steel is used in the most acclaimed hotels around the world. Let’s start this list with an infamous brand chain that originated in the USA, Trump International Hotel & Tower®.

Donald Trump seems to be the owner of everything. There is no denying that. You see him in commercials, hosting TV shows, and his brand extends to clothing and jewelry lines as well, but his most prominent founding field of success comes from his residential and commercial property businesses.

Trump International Hotel & Tower® Chicago is a testament to Donald Trump’s legacy and his use of stainless steel for the design and structure of this hotel is remarkable.

Steel and glass adorn this impressive 1,389-foot-tall hotel. It has an impressive peak that reaches 1,170 feet. The stainless steel incorporated in the building is not only assigned to one segment of the exterior or interior. It is actually used throughout the property. For example, there are approximately 45,000 tons of steel bars that reinforce the support of the hotel. There are arched and polished steel pieces created to form a division between the window units that extend beyond 9 inches from the glass line. Smart applications of this metal are discovered throughout the property.

Another structure that features stainless steel is the Miura hotel in the Czech Republic. This hotel uses metal in a unique way by incorporating a 30 foot tall stainless steel man pressing against the exterior of the hotel. He is a sculptor created by artist David ÄŒerný, known for his large-scale installations.

Stairs in hotels are another means of making a statement and this use of stainless steel at The W in New York Times Square is just as impressive. This modern hotel makes it easy to get into a festive atmosphere right away. Between the trendy city location and the stylish decor, it’s definitely a place that doesn’t disappoint. The way this property uses this material is through the design of a floating steel staircase that guides guests into an exquisite, semi-private dining room.

These are just a few examples of how metal can change the entire look, feel, and feel of a property. To learn more, speak to a specialist today.

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