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How ISO Certification of Quality Assurance (Environmental) Services Can Help Your Organization Advance

Any business organization needs progress, regarding its business activities, profitability and growth vertically and horizontally. To achieve this overall progress, the vital aspect that is needed is Customer Trust.

If each customer associated with the organization as a consumer is satisfied with its quality assurance processes, functionalities, products, systems and procedures, and places their trust in the organization completely, all of the above progress factors become automatic. More number of customers generates more sales, turnover, profitability and therefore continued prosperity.

Well, the million dollar question is how to build customer trust. The organization in question cannot contact each and every customer and explain its process capabilities; stages of production; how they guarantee a complete quality guarantee at every stage; and how they ensure that the best quality products are delivered to the customer at affordable prices, etc.

In the same way, not all customers can visit the organization and check for themselves whether all the above parameters are flawlessly met to achieve full quality assurance. Here comes the help of ISO certification, official certification from the International Organization for Standardization, which can be obtained through the assistance of ISO certification services. Let’s explain this point by taking an example from an Australian Industrial Manufacturing Organization.

ISO accreditation:

This organization manufactures and supplies high quality Australian oats around the world. Today, the world’s consumers know very well the characteristics of “consumerism”, that is, “buying the best quality products at the lowest prices”, thanks to the Internet.

In addition to the quality of the product, manufacturers must comply with the Legislations promulgated by the Law of the Territory, to ensure that their production processes do not have a harmful impact on the environment – air; noise; water or other types of contamination. The end consumer is also interested that the product they receive is “respectful with the environment”.

As such, in order to conduct your business on Australian soil and also convince your end users of the product, your company must obtain ISO accreditation. This certification cannot be obtained, unless and until they comply with the stipulations imposed by the ISO certification authorities and are fully and comprehensively complied with in each and every one of the manufacturing stages; and also prevent the harmful effects of environmental pollution.

Previously, only the ISO 9001-2008 Certification was in vogue, which certified that the organization follows effective Quality Assurance Systems in manufacturing processes. The principle of this certification is “if the process is correct, the final product must be correct”. Any product that is sold with the ISO 9001-2008 certification label will instantly gain overwhelming customer trust anywhere, nationally and internationally.

Now ISO accreditation has come up with another ISO accreditation title, namely ISO 1401-2004. Arising from the greater awareness of the universal population, about the severe and adverse impacts of environmental pollution, this Certification of the Environmental Management System has also gained importance.

How to obtain this ISO certification?

Your company should contact an ISO consultant in Australia. This is the authority that offers ISO Certification Services, so that Your Company is accredited with ISO and obtain the ISO 1401-2004 Certification. There are many expert ISO consultants in this authority, who are thorough with the procedures and formalities attached to ISO accreditation.

They will not only help implement international standards and effective environmental impact control systems, but will also educate all employees of your company, from elementary lessons to ISO certification. They will do everything necessary for your company to obtain the ISO 1401-2004 certification, recognized worldwide; and even after certification, for permanent maintenance of systems and procedures.


Once the ISO 1401 Certification is granted, Your Company will become an organization that advances in the path of growth, imperiously. Consumer confidence in seeing the ISO 1401 certification emblem multiply, wherever their product is sold; the organization learns and implements ways and means of greater productivity; waste management; improves environmental safety and greatly reduces environmental risks. Should we say that progress becomes automatic?

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