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How Bad Guys Control Women (The Real Jedi Mind Trick)

These are not the droids you are looking for

To better visualize the control bad guys have over women, let’s revisit a classic Jedi mind trick scene from the original Star Wars. In this scene, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and the droids are stopped by a group of stormtroopers, who are actually looking for exactly these droids. But Obi-Wan sets the Jedi mind trick on the weak-minded stormtrooper and that’s all he wrote.

assault soldier: Let me see some identification.

Obi-Wan waves his hand magically at the Storm Trooper.

obi wan: You do not need to see your ID.

The Storm Trooper looks stunned, then…

assault soldier: We don’t need to see your ID.

obi wan: These are not the droids you are looking for.

assault soldier: These are not the droids we’re looking for.

obi wan: You can mind your own business.

assault soldier: You can mind your own business.

obi wan: Overcome.

assault soldier: Overcome. Overcome.

Now keep in mind that not all women are stormtroopers and not all men have Jedi mental powers, but enough of each makes good men and those women’s friends puzzled as to why they stay with These guys. What is it about bad guys that allows them to brainwash good women into staying, even when they know they shouldn’t?

Intermittent Booster

The reason this happens is because the bad guys are master manipulators who have learned the powerful technique of intermittent reinforcement (IR). You’ve probably heard of positive reinforcement (giving someone something they want when they do something good) and even negative reinforcement (taking something away from someone when they do something bad).

Well, IR is just a combination of both, but at random intervals. To clarify, let’s look at the famous pigeon experiment.

There was a famous psychology experiment that locked a pigeon in a cage with a bar that it could peck at to get food. There were three different situations that the pigeon encountered. In the first, the pigeon never got any food when it pecked at the bar. Obviously, it wasn’t long before he never pecked at it again. In the second, the pigeon got food every time it pecked at the bar, and soon, unsurprisingly, it only pecked at it when it was hungry.

However, in the third situation the pigeon would only get food sometimes when he pecked at the bar. Here, the pigeon pecked at the bar all the time, frantically as if she was obsessed. Experimenters called this intermittent reinforcement, and it’s been shown to be an extremely powerful motivator for getting the kind of behavior you want from someone.

How bad boys control women

The bad guys, through the masterful use of IR, are able to treat women like dirt, knowing full well they’re not going anywhere. That’s how they do it.

The first thing bad guys do is establish a pattern of positive reinforcement. They treat her wife like a queen and give her everything she wants (passion, love, money, etc.). This is the most important step, because this will determine how much control she will have afterwards. Many times the bad boy is the sweetest and most interesting person the woman has ever met. This is the hook. Then, at the first sign that she takes her kindness for granted, he instantly stops and completely withdraws her. The woman then struggles to regain this kindness and he has it.

Just like pigeons, humans can’t resist IR either. When a person is treated very well all the time by someone, he will invariably begin to take that behavior for granted. So when a guy is always kind and sweet to his woman, he becomes expected of the. She always knows exactly what she is going to get. There is no mystery there and, like it or not, mystery is interesting.

When a bad guy withdraws his kindness, it’s mind control. It’s like that pigeon pecking at the post, because the woman now becomes obsessed with getting that food back, in this case the food is her “good side of her.” When the bad boy senses that he is starting to lose her, he simply turns the charm back on, but only until she takes him for granted again, then wash, rinse and repeat. This is the real Jedi mind trick bad guys use and it’s how they always seem to get (and keep) the woman.

People want what they can’t have

It is part of human nature that we want things we cannot have and take for granted things that are easily obtained, no matter how good they are. This is the trait that makes us want things we can’t afford or pursue women who are beyond our reach. It’s the same trait that makes good women stick with the bad guys and ignore the good guys.

Bad guys always have the “I can take you or leave you, it’s no big deal” mentality. They flirt with other women, have lots of friends, and ignore their phone calls from time to time. Because of all this, his wife begins to doubt whether she can really have him or not.

Think about your old (or current) relationships. I bet there was someone you could never really get over, even though he was obviously bad for you. I bet sometimes that person was cool! Maybe they were funny, hilarious, and amazing in bed. But other times, they had some serious issues that made you want to leave, and yet you stayed. Even after they finally broke up, you still thought about them, didn’t you?

If you felt like you went out of your way to please them and it was never enough, now you understand the power of intermittent reinforcement.

Now that you understand what intermittent reinforcement is, the next time you come across a stormtrooper-like woman who is being controlled with an Obi-Wan mind trick, send her this article. Have him remove his stormtrooper mask and incorporate his own powers.

The power to recognize, reject and release.

— DT3

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