Home remedies for cold sores and how to save pain, embarrassment and a lot of money

Researchers say that 70% of Americans at one point or another will be affected by a cold sore or fever blister somewhere on their body.

A cold sore is also known as herpes simplex. Your work, daily stress, and certain activities can cause them. Too much alcohol is a contributing factor. Eating too many acidic foods, like grapes, and tomato-based foods or too much sugar that can ferment in your system and cause acid, to name a few.

As a former professional athlete, I found that locker rooms can spread these nasty blisters on contact. Like a family member or friend who uses the same towel. My first blister came from a high school locker room.

Many people break out in places other than the lips (which is the most common).

The first stage is usually a tingling in the area that will begin to show small blisters. Then the second is a day or two later, the blisters increase in size. Then the fluid from the blister can infect a larger area as that contagious fluid begins to ooze.

At this stage, you need to make sure not to touch that liquid and touch other parts of your body or others. Certainly, do not clean this fluid with anything or anyone who can come in contact with others.

I have found it best to “nip it in the bud” early! To do this, I use a one-to-two swipe … First, I lightly rub on the infected area about every four hours the first day, a diaper rash cream as soon as I feel the tingling. That first night I cover the fairly thick area with the cream just before bed.

After a full day of that, I start the second of the one two punch, which is a homeopathic substance, this stops it in its tracks.

You will see that the diaper rash cream dries from the inside out, so the blisters and tingling stop. Then the homeopathic ingredient begins to heal the sore and stop the pain. Although your skin may be a bit raised, it is not unsightly like a large scab or oozing sore. Other words that no one knows you have a cold sore.

The last thing he wanted as a baseball player was to walk in front of thousands of fans with a sore on his face. Or sign an autograph with someone while looking terrible. Of course, I also didn’t want to cover my face while signing a baseball for a fan.

So now you know; home remedies for cold sores, what causes cold sores / cold sores and what stages of cold sores.

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