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GoToWebinar, Automated Webinars, and Google+ Hangouts

Video conferencing or video calling is not a recent phenomenon. There have been many instant messaging programs and software tools that make video calling and conferencing easy. However, none of those apps or tools offered as many features as Google+ Hangouts and GoToWebinar.

Companies around the world have begun using Google+ Hangouts, GoToWebinar, and automated webinars within their organization to host client meetings and serve a myriad of purposes. Telecommuting professionals also use GoToWebinar and Google+ Hangouts to make life simpler and easier.

While all three are popular choices, there are many differences between GoToWebinar, Google+ Hangouts, and automated webinars.

Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts are a free service that comes with having an account or profile on the Google social network. No payment is required and all Hangouts installations are completely free. Users can add as many attendees or participants in a webinar on Google+ Hangouts and each attendee can speak, listen to the others, and see everyone in the conversation or conference.

Google+ Hangouts also offers the ability to exchange files, videos, send text messages, share video links, and make presentations or share your screen with others. Simply put, Google+ Hangouts include several features that a video conference or webinar would need.

On the other hand, Google Hangouts doesn’t seem to be completely professional. It cannot be customized and there is some concern for privacy. Since users or attendees can add people within their social networks or friends list on the social network, the webinar cannot always be limited to the list of invited or desired attendees.


GoToWebinar is a tool that provides all the resources, functions, and facilities for a perfectly professional webinar. Up to 1000 attendees or guests can be invited and attendee participation is by invitation only. This feature offers more security and privacy for conferences organized through GoToWebinar. It is a paid software tool and comes with all kinds of technical support. Businesses that need to host business webinars, client conferences, and need frequent video conferences with employees at other sites or remote locations would benefit from a state-of-the-art tool like GoToWebinar.

Automated webinars

Automated webinars are prerecorded, not live, presentations that are broadcast according to preset times. Automated webinars can be simply a presentation, they can be interactive with a set of options for participants, they can involve one person in the audience at a time, or they can attract many attendees at the same time. Automated webinars can be streamed on websites, video sharing sites, or for invited attendees using software like GoToWebinar.

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