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A product with numerous golf driving tips is about to be revealed. In this article, we will discuss how to remove shots from your scorecard, how to win long distance tournaments, and much more.

Introducing: simple golf swing

Apparently, this book has taught valuable lessons to more than 50,000 golfers who had problems and inconsistencies in the game. Written by David Nevogt, this book appears to be dominating the 5 most popular golf-related e-books on Clickbank, teaching frustrated golfers invaluable golf techniques.

In this book, David Nevogt shares how he was able to observe golfers over the years while working as a sports writer. He says that he was able to discover the techniques of great golfers and his goal is to share these techniques with the whole world through this book.

Simple Golf Swing teaches golfers the proper stance, grip, and timing to improve golf driving skills. This book can also teach you how to aim accurately, hit the ball accurately, and get rid of those hideous cuts.

The bonus package is also included at the top of the Simple Golf Swing e-book.

Bonus 1 – The simple chip

This will teach you how to remove hits from your scorecard quickly.

Bonus 2 – Mike Pedersen’s Perfect Fit

This explains how your body can affect your swing and how to change it.

Bonus 3 – Training aids you can do at home

This will demonstrate how to make golf training aids from hangers, tennis rackets, and other things that can be found in your home.

Bonus 4 – Put lessons

Valuable Putting Tips Collected By Popular Golf Instructors.

Bonus 5 – How to get out of the sand and get closer to the cup

Learn and get out of the dangers on the way to victory.

Bonus 6 – Lifetime Updates

Free access to new Nevogt materials.

Bonus 7 – Pre-shot Mental Routine

Simple mental preparations and workouts that can be done in 5 seconds.

Bonus 8 – Mike Austin’s Secrets

How Austin threw that ball 515 yards 35 years ago.

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