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Get twice the heat with a 220-volt electric fireplace

A 220-volt built-in fireplace requires a bit of carpentry to install as it is recessed and mounts flush with the wall, but the eye-catching results are worth it. Beyond the visual appeal, they offer the opportunity to double the heating capacity of a conventional electric fireplace.

Most traditional plug-in electric fireplace mantels are not capable of connecting to a 220 volt circuit due to the limitations of the combustion chamber design. However, with a “built-in” electric fireplace, you have the option of plugging it into a standard 110-volt outlet or wiring it to a 220-volt circuit.

Instead of the standard 1,440 watt (5,000 Btu) heating output from a plug-in fireplace, a built-in one will increase the heating capacity to 2,700 watts (12 amps), or 9,000 Btu. In terms of coverage, 9,000 Btu will heat up to 800 square feet versus 400 square feet for a 5,000 Btu unit.

The two main manufacturers of 220 volt built-in fireplaces are Dimplex and Classic Flame. Between them, they offer a dozen different models ranging in widths from 33 “to 52” with prices starting around $ 800.

Detailed installation instructions are included with each unit and are within the skill set of an experienced DIYer with good knowledge of electrical circuits. Since 220 volt fireplaces are built in, they can be installed on both exterior and interior walls and make impressive patio heaters.

The flame effect for electric fireplaces in general has come a long way in recent years, approaching the realism of real flames. As a bonus, virtually all types of electric fireplaces allow you to use the flame effect with or without heat for year-round enjoyment.

The log set is included with the firebox and options such as stainless steel trim, folding glass doors, and wall-mounted thermostat can be added to enhance appearance and functionality.

A built-in fireplace also offers health benefits and convenient operation not found in a wood-burning fireplace. You and your family will avoid the noxious gases, airborne particles, and continuous work required to operate and maintain a wood burning fireplace, no matter the mess.

And unlike a mantel, electric or wood burning fireplace, the wall design saves space and presents numerous opportunities for unique installations limited only by your imagination.

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