Genasante Review: Does Genasante Have the Best Wellness Chance?

The basics of Genasante

Genasante is a wellness company currently in pre-launch. Its CEO, Monte Taylor, Jr., is an experienced direct sales professional with more than 25 years of experience. He is also a lecturer, team trainer, and Master Business Coach.

The company’s mission is to “improve global health by providing science-based longevity and wellness products.” They make safe and natural products like 21-day cleanses, mud baths, face and body products, and even food products like olive and balsamic oils.

The main ingredient in all of these products is MoorMax (registered trademark), a biochemical complex with 85 compounds.

What type of compensation plan does Genasante offer?

As with most wellness products, many reps begin by purchasing a quantity of the product at wholesale price and selling at retail. As part of the Genasante pre-launch package, representatives can purchase a starter package for about $ 130. The retail value is $ 175. Each package contains various products and training tools. Other packages are also available for investments up to approximately $ 1000.

Genasante offers five ways to win, as well as five generational matchmaking levels, a pool of global incentives, quick start bonuses, and team volume bonuses. Their compensation program is comparable to most nutritional product MLMs, with perhaps fewer income options (compared to 8-10 income and incentive opportunities in other programs). However, the quality of the pools, the rewards, and the retail program appear to be just as potentially lucrative as other nutritional product opportunities.

A fundamental problem with Genasante

Most MLM companies like Genasante suffer from a common network marketing syndrome. It’s known as the old “friends and family” technique. Many new representatives join MLM and are immediately encouraged to start selling products to their friends and family. But this is a tried and failed approach, one that will leave many frustrated and discouraged with his decision to Genasante.

Teaming up with your acquaintances and trying to sell products to them can give you a boost of support in your early days. But what if, instead, you could reach thousands of convertible customers per day, via the web?

Some people are doing it, but many new network marketers don’t yet have the knack to excel in this area. It requires in-depth marketing knowledge, targeting, building a credible web presence, and setting up a command system for your large new team.

How can you be successful with Genasante?

The good news is that it is possible to learn these techniques and get out of the old, outdated routine of running with friends and family. It takes some time to learn the ins and outs of network marketing, but the time invested can be infinitely worth the reward.

Not only can you maintain stress-free relationships with your acquaintances, but you can also start to scale your business. Scalability is a big part of network marketing success; Without it, you can never achieve high levels of profit and sustained wealth.

The last word on Genasante

Genasante offers its representatives many more health options than most network marketing companies. With everything from cooking oils and vinegars to mud baths and facial products, there are several options for customers to choose from. It is easier to meet the needs of a target market when there are more products available to choose from.

But the bottom line is that reps need to develop a solid business strategy before launching into an intense MLM like Genasante. Success depends on you, your willingness to learn and achieve, and your openness to new ideas. There is the potential for a great business opportunity, but it depends on leveraging your business knowledge and taking network marketing to the next level.

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