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Feng Shui conducive to weddings

Selection of wedding colors for good luck

As soon as a bride announces that she is engaged, friends ask her, “What are your colors?” While many women choose colors based on nostalgia or what will look good on their bridesmaids, the choice of color should really be taken more seriously.

When a bride plans her wedding, she pays close attention to the meaning of every detail … except the color. And since everyone has such strong reactions to color, doesn’t it make sense to choose colors that are harmonious and beneficial for the couple to make their special day a happy one?

Colors shouldn’t be a clash of the elements

When it comes to selecting colors for a wedding, it is important to consider the colors to be matched. Many times, opposite colors are chosen based on feng shui. For example, blue and yellow are often combined. This is a class between the elements earth and water. Matching opposite colors creates opposition from the start.

Harmonizing colors makes a wedding go smoothly

Think about combining colors based on their harmony. A good example of this is the bride a groom. Interestingly, the most harmonious and beneficial combination of wedding colors comes from the yin and yang tai chi symbol.

That color combination is black and white. Black is yin (female) and white is yang (male). So when a man wears a black tuxedo, his masculine energy harmonizes with the feminine color, and when the bride wears white, her feminine energy is balanced with the masculine energy.

Feng shui is often referred to as a technique for creating harmony. Harmony, in feng shui, means that colors, elements, shapes, and numbers support and benefit each other. It is often used in homes and offices, but the technique can also be used for weddings.

Choose colors with auspicious meanings and that promote happiness.

When it comes to marital happiness, the bride and groom may want to follow the Chinese’s lead. For the Chinese, red and gold together create success and harmony. These two colors together are especially conducive for families to get along too. And maintaining friendly relationships is very important when two families come together, often for the first time.

Weddings are happy occasions, but often (unfortunately) they can be marked by intense emotions, bad feelings, and sometimes anger. Spread the word (especially if you know there are some bad feelings in the family) by creating a color palette that is harmonious and draws positive attention to the happy partner, rather than amplifying any negative feelings. Better yet, select color options that benefit the bride and groom and set them on the path to marital bliss.


Color combinations that create BAD LUCK:

* Green and metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold)

* Red and blue

* Black and red

* Green and yellow

* Yellow and blue

* Red and metallic colors. Metallic colors like white, silver, gray, or gold metals are especially unfortunate when paired with red.

Color combinations that create GOOD LUCK:

* A yang color (ie red) with its yin version (ie pink) is always good,

safe choices. Others include: dark blue / light blue, purple / lavender, dark green / light green.

* Red and green (ideal for Christmas weddings)

* Yellow (ocher) and red (the perfect feng shui combination for harmony)

* Metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold) with yellow

* Greens and blues are perfect together (prosperity, growth, good health)

* Blues with metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold) are well suited to each other.

What do certain color combinations mean?

Reds and gold (ocher) / yellow / beige: harmony and prosperity, good luck and happiness

Black and white: masculine and feminine, harmony.

Greens and purples (can be lavender or light purple): growth, longevity and richness.

Metallic Colors: Creativity / Children

Yellow and white: heaven and earth

Green and blue: growth and wealth

Red and green: Happy luck and success.

Black and green: wealth, growth and longevity

Especially auspicious color combinations:

* gold and purple (great wealth),

* silver and violet (great wealth),

* green and purple (great abundance),

* purple and white, (harmony of yin and yang)

* purple and black (professional and financial success)

The extreme makeover wedding

The Extreme Makeover television show had guests who were married at the end of the show. The couple chose red and gold as their wedding colors. They were most noticeable in the wedding cake, which is unfortunately not in any of the photos. The wedding party, however, wore gold dresses and the flowers were beautiful red roses. To see the combination, click here.

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