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Faster weight loss for women

Weight loss for men and women comes down to the same three problems. The problems are eating appropriately for your individual metabolism, engaging in some type of daily aerobic exercise, and strengthening every muscle in your body.

Regardless of your gender, you must analyze who you are. This analyst will consider your age, height, current body weight, and your daily activity level. You should also analyze your current eating habits. Whatever you eat, each time you eat, and why you eat should also be taken into account. The more you know and understand about yourself when it comes to food, the more it helps you manage your food intake to improve your health. Man or woman the same applies.

Performing some form of daily aerobic exercise will take time, commitment, and patience. Whoever is more committed will be more successful. Make a plan to do your favorite aerobic exercise for a very specific period of time at the same time every day. Do not deviate! It could be walking on a treadmill or pressing to play your favorite dance exercise video. This is where your level of commitment will determine your success. Record on paper what you did. Total at the end of the week and the month. Your basic exercise goal is to be as consistent as possible. You’ll also want to increase the intensity with which you exercised and the length of time you exercised as time goes on. A lazy attitude with many excuses will result in failure. Your body could care less if you are male or female.

Muscles burn calories even when you are resting. This extra calorie burn is commonly known as an increase in your metabolism. Think of this as your competitive advantage in shedding excess body fat and keeping it off. Men have more muscles than women, but they must use muscles to make them more metabolically active. If you have a desk job and rarely lift anything heavier than a mug of your favorite beer, this would do very little to keep your muscles strong. If a woman is faithful to a strength training program, she can achieve equal, if not better, fat loss results than a man who applies himself poorly. Just look at the previous winners of the weight loss reality show.

The big question is how serious is it to get in shape, lose weight, improve your health and quality of life? Your gender has a lot to do with results, subject to how well you apply the principles necessary to lose weight. If you relax, you will constantly fight. If you do your research, make a plan and stick to your plan, you will win if you lose.

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