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Everything you need to know about sumo suits

Japanese sumo wrestlers look pretty funny, not to mention entertaining. Well, not to sound judgmental, but seeing two bulky men with huge arms and legs and big bellies sticking out, fighting and fighting each other and wrestling creates a pretty funny image. People of all ages, especially children, love sumo wrestlers and they put pillows and cushions on their jerseys, pretending to be sumo wrestlers and fighting like them. Do you remember the famous Yukozuna from WWF? So whose was the favorite fighter among you?

Now, you don’t need pillows or cushions to look like sumo wrestlers when you can get sumo suits pretty easily. Besides, they also make a Halloween costume. These suits are not only affordable, but also very easy to put on and comfortable.

There are two types of sumo suits available:



The padded suits are made of PVC material. The feel and texture of the suit makes you look like a heavyweight sumo champion. However, donning this sumo suit in scorching summers can make the person feel uncomfortable or even suffocated. Although it depends on the PVC material used, these suits are waterproof and corrosion resistant.

As for inflatable suits, these are made of soft plastic rubber. Blow air with air guns and they will swell, giving you a heavy sumo look. Inflated suits are much lighter and more comfortable to wear compared to padded ones. Also, you can easily take them anywhere as they can be easily deflated when not in use.

Puffy outfits are particularly popular with children and teens. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a birthday party, bouncy castles or inflatable sumo suits make the party even more fun and exciting. You can even bring an adult in a sumo suit, pose as a sumo wrestler, and play with the kids.

You can easily buy these suits or even purchase them on lease. There are many providers available online that are just a phone call away. However, always buy or rent them from trusted dealers.

People who rent sumo suits also give away hats and belly rings. So, make sure your rental service provides these essential accessories as well.

Also, you should know that these suits come in all sizes. Make sure you get one that suits your height. If you don’t get one that fits your size, the fun element will be completely lost, as you won’t be able to comfortably enjoy wearing it or putting on an interesting show.

These sumo suits don’t cost a lot. Renting it is perhaps a profitable solution and it does not charge more than $ 200 to $ 250 per day.

When looking for the best rental service in your city, make sure they meet all of these conditions, not to mention keep their suits clean. It takes almost an average of 2 hours to clean the suit properly, and putting in that time is something only reputable companies take seriously.

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