Everquest 2 Plat Making Secrets Uncovered

Imagine setting up and logging into Everquest 2 only to find that you’ve done 140 rigs in the last 24 hours. This will never happen for most Everquest 2 players because they don’t know how to make massive amounts of Everquest 2 platforming quickly.

Making large amounts of Everquest 2 plat sounds like a daunting task for most, but the truth is that anyone, any level can do this while standing in the port of Qeynos. It is equally important that one can do this without resorting to dangerous methods such as cheating, cheating, and in-game hacks, which will cause their account to be permanently locked. The other problem with using illegal methods is that one runs the risk of having their account hacked. Sony has recently reported a huge increase in the number of accounts that have been hacked. Worse still, Sony is not allowing these people with the hacked accounts to get their accounts back.

Having a ton of Everquest 2 plat not only makes the game more fun, it also increases the value of your character. Think about it, the more platform you have, your character will have all of his teachers and the best gear, which opens up the option to attack late in the game. There is nothing in Everquest 2 that the platform cannot buy. You can buy gear, upgrades, spells, and in some cases, real-life money can be made by selling Everquest 2 plat on the exchange servers.

Having an infinite amount of Everquest 2 platinum can be done 100% legally and in much less time than most would think. It is simply a matter of learning a couple of principles that will open up a new way to earn money at the game.

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