Easy Starcraft 2 Protoss Hotkey Guide List – Use Best SC2 Hotkey for Buildings and Units

Using hotkeys in Starcraft 2 will definitely make players much more proficient. If you are a newbie to Starcraft 2, it is recommended that you take time to familiarize yourself with the list of hotkey guides and master it. By mastering them, you can build your economy quickly and quickly, learn immense micro and macro skills, and much more. Don’t rely too heavily on using the mouse alone. By doing many more things with your keyboard, you open your mouse to other tasks such as building, microing, and more. This will also allow you to pay more attention to your current screen / map.

So, are you looking for the Easy Starcraft 2 Protoss Hotkey Guide list? Use the best hotkey SC2 for buildings and units, as well as for upgrades. Here is a list:

Protoss building hotkeys

make 1 Nexus – N
to build a pylon – E
for assimilator – A
produce Gateway – G
leave Forge – F
place photon cannon – C
for a cybernetics core – Y
have a Twilight Council – C
get a Stargate – S
install Roboicitic – R
have a templar file – T
for a fleet beacon – F
1 Robo Bay – B
1 Dark Sanctuary – D

Protoss Unit Hot Keys

Probe – E
Zealot – Z
Immortal – i
Colossus – C
Mothership – M
High Templar – T
Dark Templar – D
Chrono Boost – C
Sentinel – E
Stalker – S
Carrier – C
Observe – B
Phoenix – X
Void Ray – V
Strain Prism – A

Protoss Technology Hotkeys (Updates)

Land Weapons – G
Ground armor – A
External thermal lance – E
Shields – S
Charge – C
Blink – B
Air Weapons – G
Gravity Boosters – B
Gravitational unit – G
Air Armor – A
Communication – G
Warp gates – G
Psionic Storm – T
Khaydrain Amulet – K

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