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Duties and responsibilities of a survey technician

The construction of an airport, an industrial facility or a residential building requires careful planning before the architect begins with the design of the building. The entire construction process begins with the inspection of the entire construction site. Land survey is a procedure in which surveyors evaluate the distance, directions, and region of the Earth’s surface on which the building or facility will be constructed. Topographic technicians help surveyors to accomplish this task. Topographic technicians collect geographic data about a location and make estimates to present to people interested in a particular tract of land. The collected data can be used in legal documents such as deeds and leases. They must be proficient in the use of computer drawing programs and use modern technologies such as the Global Positioning System to find landmarks. The following are the duties and responsibilities of a professional survey technician:


Series of calculations are required to identify the actual size and contour of a parcel of land. A surveying technician is tasked with making an accurate and correct estimate of the land surveyed. The accuracy of your calculation is crucial in planning the structure to be built on the site. Town planners and property developers are the ones who often request topographic surveys.

Inspect existing structures

In addition to identifying the actual size and potential utility of undeveloped land, a topographic technician is also responsible for surveying farms that have been developed and improved. Their job includes measuring and examining infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings.

Findings report

After collecting all the data on the site, survey technicians are required to prepare a report of their findings. If the technician is employed by a government agency, the result of his work will be a public record. Although this does not indicate that you have to prepare your report in accordance with public requests, it does mean that you will be responsible for the content of the report. You must be able to justify the accuracy of your data and how you reached your conclusions.

Keep notes

Since most of the data collected from a survey will be included in a detailed report, it is essential that a technician keep detailed and thorough notes while on site to ensure the accuracy of your data. Field notes must be precise, orderly, and understandable. The notes should be legible so that the person responsible for recording the data easily understands the notes that they have taken.

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