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Dutch ovens: legs or no legs

Have you ever noticed how some cast iron Dutch ovens have little legs at the bottom and how others don’t? Have you ever wondered what those little legs are for? Well, believe it or not, those little legs make all the difference in how you’re going to cook with your cast iron Dutch oven.

For those new to Dutch cast iron ovens, there are two types of ovens you can buy, one with three legs and one with a flat bottom and no legs. Dutch legless cast iron ovens are best used for indoor cooking because you can use them on the stovetop or in the oven. In this type of oven you can cook some very rich recipes, such as roasted chicken and rice, roast beef and potatoes, and the always popular soups and stews. However, flat-bottomed Dutch ovens can be used over a campfire, but only if they are hung from a tripod.

But now, what about those Dutch cast iron ovens with three legs, what are they for and how do I cook with those types of ovens? Well first things first, these ovens are best created and used for cooking over campfires, or to be more precise, on campfires. The purpose of those three legs is to create a space between the bottom of the oven and the embers on which it sits. That space between the bottom of the oven and the embers serves to help create space for the airflow to reach the embers. When using a kiln with legs, you’ll want to make a separate fire pit to set the kiln in or let your original fire pit burn down to embers so that you have enough space between the bottom of the kiln and the coals so air can circulate over the burners. embers. Now, you can use a flat-bottomed Dutch oven over a campfire, but you’ll need to set it on some rocks so you don’t burn the bottom of the food inside, depending on what you’re cooking. But sometimes finding a stone is easier said than done, so if you really are a lover of Dutch cast iron ovens and an avid camper, a three legged oven works best.

Like indoor ovens, there are tons of delicious recipes that you can make with your outdoor oven. The next time you go camping, hot dogs and hamburgers will no longer be your favorite foods. With your new cast iron Dutch oven, you have a world of food possibilities at your disposal. You can cook everything from scrambled eggs for breakfast to a delicious roast for dinner. And don’t forget dessert, you can make desserts like apple cobbler. I’ve even read that you can make a deep dish pizza with your Dutch oven!

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