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Developing your aura: how to empower your interior

Yes, you too can strengthen your aura to a stronger, more resilient and omniscient one as long as you work to know your inner self well and truly. It is a fact that human intuition exists and those privileged few who seem to have more of it are not so by birth, rather they have studied their needs and desires and what motivates them; then they have practiced simple but established techniques to know their own sense of divinity, that is, spiritual energy.

This is something that resides in each of us, which means that everyone on this earth has been blessed with an inner aura. When it is visible to others, it means that we have a strong aura, but this is not always the case since it also depends on who is observing us and if they have a weak aura. It is also possible that people have a negative aura that can trigger fear, anger, anxiety or danger signals for others and therefore people can also be repelled by someone’s aura; However, to build a positive aura, one must reinforce those traits and parts of inner psychology that represent honest things with kindness, such as empathy, compassion, vitality, and a cheerful attitude.

An aura reflects the identity of an individual and is an impression of their inner physical self; therefore, although it is an intrinsic part of our identity, an aura can also remain elusive if we interact closely with other forms of living and non-living energy that are not conducive to building it. This is the reason why a person may need to eliminate and block the negative vibrations that he feels from such objects, places, people or phenomena that repel the goodness within him. This is because philosophers who study psychic energies claim that the physical mind is the root of all spiritual energy and is something that can be trained, in a positive way, to develop a psychic shield around a person, which is something that you must aim to benefit from a mature psychic self-defense or stronger aura, as such.

Like a safety net that surrounds a person to protect them from harm, the tough and protective psychic shield works to ward off all negative vibrations and energies that could damage a person’s true worth or inner potential.

Some people can be very sensitive by nature and therefore tend to be negatively affected by the slightest negative energy that comes their way; They are people with weak auras who need to develop their psychic self-defense in a big way to get rid of deep-rooted fears and can progress towards the realization of their true self, through the search for themselves and the exercises that lead to empower their beings. humans. sense of worth and accomplishment.

Since these exercises to strengthen self-defense psychic abilities must be practiced consciously, an individual must be open and receptive to gaining new energy to balance his reactions to the environment that is no longer threatening, but is a welcoming aspect of nature. he has to learn to live together, in harmony. Some proven methods of strengthening psychic self-defense include daily practice of meditation and other breathing exercises, focusing on a distant object, and chanting positive mantras.

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