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Coimbatore – The Manchester of Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore is one of the most industrialized cities in Tamil Nadu. It is famous for its motor pump assemblies and its textile factories. There are many popular textile factories located here, which is why it is often called Manchester of Tamil Nadu. People come to Coimbatore for educational, commercial and medical treatment purposes. There are many world class hospitals located here with all modern facilities. All of these things give Coimbatore a cosmopolitan perspective. But still, the people of this city are very simple and traditional with down-to-earth personalities.

People also flock to Coimbatore for work reasons. The information technology industry is one of the fastest growing here next to Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. Although Tamil is the mother tongue of the people who live here, all educated people also speak English. So this could be said more as a place of industrial importance than tourism.

The six main arteries and the three national highways make reaching Coimbatore by road an easy matter. There is an airport here located in Neelambur which is about seven kilometers from the city and is connected to many Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai. The Coimbatore Railway Crossing is one of the most important stations in Tamil Nadu and is connected by trains from the main railway stations in India.

Although people visit here mainly for commercial reasons, it is undeniable that there are some nearby attractions that also attract tourists from other parts of India. There are numerous holy sites in and around the city that attract people of spiritual interest here. Some of the famous temples located here are the Temple of Lord Ganesha in Puliakulam where the largest statue in Asia of Lord Ganesha is located, Velliengiri Hills, Eachanaari Vinayaga Temple, Anjeneyar Kovil Temple, Yogic Dhyanalinga Temple, etc. The GD Naidu Museum and the 100-year-old Athar Jamad Masjid are other attractions.

There are many theme parks located in close proximity to Coimbatore that offer all-day fun, such as Kovai Kondattam, Maharaja Water Theme Park, and Black Thunder. Kovai Kondattam is located on the road to Siruvani Dam, Mahajara Water Theme Park is located near Neelambur on Avinashi Road, and Black Thunder is located near Metupalayam in the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains. To enjoy all these things and to know more about them, you must consult a good Coimbatore travel guide.

When visiting Coimbatore, don’t forget to try Siruvani sweet water and enjoy South Indian thali at Coimbatore’s famous restaurants. The vegetarian restaurant Annapoorna has branches throughout the city and is known for its great flavors. Similarly, you can dine at Anjappar, Sampoorna, Aaryaas and Thalappas restaurants.

It has a wide selection of good hotels to stay in Coimbatore. If you choose budget hotels, you can find many of them near the train station, bus stop and Ukkadam. They are very affordable and will give you good value for your money. If you are looking for the right choice of restaurants and hotels in Coimbatore then you must check out a good Coimbatore travel guide.

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