Christmas gifts for 5-year-old girls: gift ideas for that special girl in your life

Are you already looking for Christmas gifts? What, it’s too early to receive your gifts… think again. It is worth buying now to eliminate the stress of the Christmas period. It also means things could be cheaper and easier to come by. Christmas is a time notorious for running out of hot toys and consequently prices inflate disproportionately for the must-have toy or toys of the year. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for 5-year-old girls or girls that age, here are some ideas to get you started.

Calico bugs have been a popular toy for girls around the age of 5 for a few years now. You may have heard of them as Sylvanian Families. Well, they’ve been renamed Calico Critters. Don’t ask me why this has been done, but they still look as cute as ever and tend to melt girls’ hearts.

Calico Critters are 6-inch toy figures of a wide range of woodland animals. They almost look like Beatrix Potter type characters, you know, rabbits, badgers, door mice and various other creatures like that.

They all have families, so there will be a father and mother Rabbit and several sibling bunnies of various ages. Girls love this family-friendly aspect of the toy because it gives them an outlet to express their nurturing side. And the toys are so cute.

You can also get all kinds of accessories to make the critters even more adorable. The townhouse or townhouse (as they like to call it in Cloverleaf Corners) is anticipated to be a hot seller this year. It is a complete home for one or more families of Calico critters. And the details of the house are exquisite.

The V Reader animated e-book system is a toy that girls learning to read will really appreciate. The V Reader is made by Vtech which specializes in educational toys. It makes reading, spelling and learning new words more interesting and fun.

You basically put in a cartridge and the story begins. A narrator tells the story and the animated screen changes as the story progresses. Below the animation, the words being used are shown, and each word is highlighted as it is spoken by the narrator.

Children can stop and repeat the word. They can even highlight the word for more information, such as a definition of the word. There are also various word and spelling games that can be played with the V Reader. Girls love to read and this will be a constant companion as they develop the skills to start reading proper books.

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