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Cataclysm Instance Leveling

Most of the people who are playing World of Warcraft’s latest Cataclysm expansion have probably reached level 85, but if you’re not at that level yet, you may be a new player or just leveling up an alt. Most people who have reached level 85 are leveling up as a worgen or goblin, worgen if you are from the Alliance, and goblin if you are from the Horde.

Worgens and Goblins are, unlike the Death Knights, playable for everyone, you don’t need to have a character of level 55 or higher in the realm you want to play. This is what I like the most about them, because Death Knights can be a bit of a hassle, and the worgen / goblin starting areas are really amazing. Blizzard put a lot of work into those starting areas. If you haven’t created a character in World of Warcraft yet, I recommend a Goblin, but Worgens work well too if you prefer.

When you create your character, you will have to do a few missions to reach level 15-20, but don’t worry, this can easily be done in one day. When you hit level 20 it’s time to start doing some instances, instances are great for getting new gear and of course getting some good XP.

If you are already level 85 then you should buy at least one heirloom item, these will increase your leveling speed by 10% per item so if you have 3 heirloom items and you kill a mob that would normally give you 1000 XP , then you will now receive 1300 XP. This works great in instances because you will be killing a lot of mobs there.

If you don’t have a main level 85, then you don’t have to worry, you can still level up fast without the relics, and they only last until level 60, so afterwards you will be in the same seat as people with level 85 alt.

When you want to join an instance, you just need to hit the Dungeon Tool Finder and just queue, sometimes you will need a specific item level to queue for the instances, but you probably won’t have that problem until you reach level 80-81 .

Hit the Dungeon tool, choose your role (Damage Dealer, Healer, Tank) and just join, then you will have to wait a bit in line, but this varies a lot depending on what class you play and what server you play on. Going forward, if you want a quick queue, then you must choose a healer in a very popular realm, the queues are almost instantaneous there!

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