Car Dents Can Be Easy To Remove From Your Car – Here Are Some DIY Tips

Car dents are unsightly. Most of us take pride in the car we own and drive, even if it is not the most modern compared to the new Mercedes that passes in front of you. So it still hurts when someone hits you with a shopping cart, or you have a minor collision on the road, or are even hit by large hailstones, which happens every now and then.

Depending on the size of the dent you just had in your car or just noticed in your car, you may need to visit your local panel beater or body shop to have it looked at. Or, if it’s small enough, you might be able to do this repair yourself with just a few DIY tools.

You’ll need to take a good look at the damage first. If you have ripples or a line or crease in this dent, unless you have had some sort of experience with this you will need to take it to a panel beater for them to access and set a price. . It’s unfortunate if you end up here so it may seem like a fairly small and cheap thing to fix, but even the smallest thing takes time, especially if there is a crease in the dent to remove. However, if you have something simple that has dented your car like a large hailstones, then you can carefully remove it. If it is a complete panel that has taken a beating in a minor traffic accident, then if you are a competent welder you can purchase another panel, remove the dented panel, and replace it with a new one.

A helpful tip for wrinkle-free dents is to use a household plumber’s plunger. You will have to be very careful here. The technique involves applying pressure very, very slowly to the dent with the plunger on top, as if you were about to remove a blockage. Therefore, push the plunger down gently but hard until there is no more air in the plunger. The best result here is to apply a little water or grease around the rubber lip of the plunger to keep it as tight as possible. Next, with a very firm grip, pull the plunger back and the dent should loosen. This is hard work and probably impossible to do on corner teeth, but ideal for side dents, roof dents, and flat panel bonnet and trunk dents which due to interior trim being difficult to remove , it can be a quick and easy solution.

Another dent repair method is to use a block of wood, an old towel, and a rubber mallet. This is good for teeth larger than the surface area of ​​the plumber’s plunger. The towel serves to protect the edges of the wood block. So, wrap the towel around the block and make sure the block doesn’t have a hidden sharp edge, as if it did, it will likely cause even more damage. This is ideal for hoods and roofs and boots / trunks. If the dent is in your hood, open it and hold the coated wood block against the bottom of the dent, then tap gently until the dent is gone.

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