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Beginning swingers: 10 ways to swing

If you’ve been fantasizing about swinging and just don’t know how to get started, we’re here to help. After reading our tips for beginners, you will see that adopting the rocking lifestyle is much easier than you thought.

1. Consider your reasons

When couples start talking about swinging together, it is important that they discuss their reasons for adopting this new lifestyle. There may be healthy reasons, such as wanting to spice up your intimate life, and there may be unhealthy reasons, such as one partner simply wanting to appease another. If you are considering swinging as a way to fix a broken relationship, you may be disappointed. The swingers lifestyle is generally for strong, healthy couples looking for a bit of adventure. If this doesn’t sound like you, you may want to reconsider.

2. Talk about expectations

There are many options in the world of swing; swingers parties and swingers clubs, exchanges with other couples or people of the same sex. Chances are that you and your partner have some fantasies that you would like to play out together.

3. Establish some ground rules

An important step for beginners is to establish some ground rules from the beginning. For example, if you are both at a swing party or club and one of you wants to leave early, is it okay for the other person to stay behind? Should they always be together in the same room? Are you comfortable watching your partner be with someone of the same sex? Sure, you probably have some preferences and expectations; be sure to talk about this up front.

4. Create a Person

Most swingers like to keep this part of their lives private and therefore create characters to use online and at parties and clubs. Many swing couples make up false names and this is perfectly acceptable in the swing world.

5. Meet online

One of the best places to find other swingers to flirt with is online. The Internet is full of adult dating sites where you can meet couples and individuals who want to meet or come to your house. You and your partner simply create an attractive profile with photos and then start searching the member’s profiles. Start a dialogue with the people you are interested in and make a plan to get together.

6. Consider your options

Once you find partners or people who appeal to you, schedule a time to talk on the phone and then meet in person. It’s probably a good idea to get together just for a drink the first time, so that you get a chance to see each other and schedule a second meeting. If you don’t feel a connection, be honest and move on.

7. Take a look at swing clubs

There are probably quite a few more swinger clubs in your area that you were aware of. A quick search online will let you know where they are and how to get involved. You can also ask other swingers you meet online on adult dating sites. Before you go, find out if the club is open to everyone or couples only. Also, find out if they have special theme nights.

8. Try a swingers party

If you’re invited to a swingers party, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Arrive on time
  • Smells and looks good
  • Don’t be aggressive or hostile
  • Practice safe sex

9. Respect people’s privacy

When you meet another partner or individual, respect their right to privacy without asking too many questions. Unless you have been given advance permission, do not take photos or videos. Don’t take it personally if they don’t want to see you again. Many swingers want to remain as anonymous as possible.

10. Have fun

The swingers lifestyle should be fun and exciting. If you find that you are causing tension or drama in your relationship, just stop. This alternative lifestyle is not for everyone and should only be followed by couples who are really having fun.

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