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Bedroom Matters – Things your husband wants in the bedroom

In this section, I’ll open your eyes to what men generally want their wives to do to them in the bedroom. This will come down to your husband’s specific needs that you need to know in order to give him the best to satisfy all your bedroom wishes.

1. Emotion: Men generally want their wives to be excited about sex. No husband will like to beg, cajole, or force his wife to go to bed. Men also want wives who are enthusiastic about sex. I hope it arrives and makes it an exciting experience for both of us. Men hate women who do not smile or are not happy when love is made to them.

2. Intervention: Men also want women who are involved in sexual activities, a woman who is involved in foreplay, intercourse, and after shine. Not the kind of woman who sleeps like a log when her husband makes love to her.

3. Aggressiveness: Not just being involved, men want wives that are aggressive in bed. Taking them to the ‘next cloud’ as they make love, pulling a new ‘trick’ out of their ‘cheat book’ by doing their best in the best way.

Four. Variety: Men want wives that make room for variety, not Victorian women who only want the man on top. They appreciate women who allow sex to take place somewhere other than their bedroom, albeit in private.

5. Total surrender: They also prefer women who voluntarily give themselves to their husbands, without the need for a battle between cats and mice. No third world war before the iron lady will allow her to be carried. Voluntarily surrender to your man, do what he says, willingly rolling, opening laps and holding your man tightly without being told. You will do your marriage a great favor by making your husband happy.

6. Tidy bed: A clean sheet, a well-dressed bed, and a perfume mattress will make love to a man. Do not joke with this, take good care of your bedroom especially the bed.

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