Resetting the Dodge PCM

Some jobs can easily be done at home. All you need is a little guidance. Resetting the powertrain control module (PCM) is one of those tasks. So what exactly is a PCM? A PCM is basically an ECU or electronic control unit that is commonly used in a motor vehicle. Most of the time, the […]


Sentry DA3930 Fingerprint Safe Review

Basic characteristics For starters, the DA3930 offers anti-theft features with 6 live locking bolts. The locking mechanism is fully biometric and includes a backlit electronic keypad with a tubular key for added security. The safe is also designed to protect from water and 2 hours of fire protection. The safe is ETL verified to protect […]

Health Fitness

The healthy diet plan that works

Whether you want to gain or lose weight and regain your health, this healthy diet plan really works to help you reach your ideal weight. The importance of protein From our school days, we learn that proteins are the building blocks of life. They are necessary for growth and repair. Therefore, the diet must be […]

Legal Law

The jury selection process

The jury selection process for a particular trial begins as soon as people with realistic excuses are allowed to leave the court. The remaining individuals are kept in a group and chosen for the next trials. They will line you up in a particular order and send specific groups to the courtroom for the judge […]

Lifestyle Fashion

Candida symptoms

Candida albicans is a yeast fungus that is present on our skin and in the openings of our body (such as the vagina and mouth). Normally, the other bacteria present maintain a healthy balance between yeast and bacteria. In fact, this symbiosis (balance) keeps us healthy, occasionally the yeast grows too large and causes Candida […]

Shopping Product Reviews

Why do you want to act?

Have you ever stopped to think why you want to act? I can’t really say that there are right and wrong reasons for pursuing a career in acting, but the question is worth pondering. In particular, if you really want to do something in one of the more difficult professions to get a job. Some […]