Amazing Tips: How To Survive In PvP

Being aware of your surroundings and your current situation is crucial to survival in PvP (player versus player). Players are always evaluating their situations because PvP combat is an ever-evolving battlefield. I have compiled 3 critical Wow tips for surviving in PVP.

Wow tips # 1 How to use your environment

While participating in player versus player, be sure to make use of all the things in your environment, such as terrain, structures, and objects. Seek shelter behind trees, logs, rocks, mountains, inside buildings, under bridges, or in water. In this safe environment, you can apply bandages, consume food, and other necessary activities. During a fight, use obstacles on the ground to prevent ranged attackers from seeing. If you are a ranged attacker, such as a mage or hunter, go to a higher elevation to shoot your attackers from a distance. If you are a smaller race, such as a gnome, seek refuge in bushes, behind rocks and trees, and possibly within other players!

Wow tips # 2 Keep your distance in combat

Getting too close to an enemy is not a smart strategy. At the same time, it is equally unwise to turn your back on a hunter while on the run. This will often result in a shot from behind. Distance and direction are important for different reasons for each class. Familiarize yourself with the perfect ranges for combat. You also need to know where and when to move. While movement can be difficult when casting certain spells or using certain abilities, there are many instant spells available that players can apply on the go.

Amazing Tips n. 3 Use stealth to your advantage

Rogues and Druids are very difficult PvP opponents because they have stealth abilities. When the characters enter stealth mode, you will detect the classic “buzzing” sound. When you detect that sound, be extremely alert for a surprise attack. The highest level you are at compared to the stealth character determines your chances of detecting that character.

When you have abilities like Flare or Perception, they help you find characters in stealth mode. Also, when you have specific items, you improve your chances of stealth detection. It’s important to note that Faerie Fire, Hunter’s Mark, and damage-over-time spells can prevent a character from entering stealth mode. When you are sure that an enemy in stealth mode is nearby, the best way to avoid it is to simply run away.

These 3 awesome tips for surviving in PvP barely scratch the surface. Unfortunately, many additional strategies and tactics are generally gained from experience in battle. And usually those experiences are hard earned!

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