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Adventure VanDwelling – What is it?

Adventure VanDwelling is a little different than just camping or living in your truck. Those who choose Adventure VanDwell often have a nomadic spirit. If the word ‘nomad’ doesn’t intrigue you or jump off the page, then chances are you’re not the nomad type. Wikipedia and most dictionaries generally define a nomad as someone who moves from one place to another to work or earn a living, or a person without a fixed residence who wanders; a tramp. Adventure, of course, is what you decide it to be. For me, adventure is traveling across the United States, particularly to picturesque and unique areas, and the positive side that I really enjoy is documenting my travels through photos and journals. I love carpooling as much as (possibly even more than) personally enjoying new discoveries and exploration. For others, adventure may mean kayaking or hiking or fishing or visiting all of our National Parks or Historic Areas. What is an adventure for different people is as diverse as the people themselves. For example, if you LOVE to fish and the thought of fishing in multiple waters in the US or specific regions makes your heart skip a beat and puts a big smile on your face, chances are you have! the core adventurous spirit!

As far as Van Dwelling (aka vandwelling) is concerned, the van is generally considered to be used for camping and / or living for extended periods. The term vandwelling has become popular in recent years by those of us who do it, as well as by those who dream of doing it at some point in their lives. Vandwelling also refers to a lifestyle choice to enjoy the freedom of using the vehicle as your home (or hotel). Vandwelling is similar to what RVers call “full-time” (living and traveling full time in an RV). While there are those who have beautiful RV-style Roadtreks and Class B Pleasure Way Camper trucks, most of the ones that do well do so on self-configured trucks and can do so at no great cost. Additionally, a van is often a vandweller’s mode of transportation, as well as home, and much less conspicuous and much easier to drive and park than more traditional RVs. Cost savings also come into consideration (in most states) due to the reduced requirements and cost of registering and insuring vans compared to traditional motorhomes.

One can make a truck quite comfortable if they configure their trucks with their personal needs in mind. For some, it is important to have a truck with a high roof to be able to stand and walk. But many other vandwellers are happy and well in standard height trucks. Just like in a brick and mortar house, the truck we choose and how we set it up depends largely on personal preference. Considerations should also include the amount of time we intend to camp or live in our vans, our individual needs and options, and … yes … money available! The freedom that the vandwelling lifestyle allows to escape the limits and costs of hotels, rent or mortgages, can be downright intoxicating! Vandwellers often place a high value on the amount of space they have and use it wisely and efficiently. Having everything you need configured to your preferences and in close proximity without having to carry clothing and other essentials in and out of hotels while traveling is also a great convenience for many. Many find that there is an added freedom in not having so much around to overwhelm one. Generally, the more space one has, the more things fill it. Vandwellers rarely buy a lot of things they don’t need, as they don’t want to fill their precious space with things that don’t matter.

When you combine adventures with vandwelling … it’s awesome! It is worth learning how to deal with the challenges of (in most cases) not having a full bathroom on board (I highly recommend a portable urinal for most of us) and some of the other conveniences that a brick home offers and cement. enjoy its many other attributes. It’s a great way to explore and indulge in our passions while traveling, and it’s an available option for those on a much tighter budget than many full-time traditional RVers. For us nomadic and adventure-loving types, adventure vandwelling is a wonderful choice for a vacation, a season of life, or a long-term lifestyle.

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