A visit to Seattle can be in your wallet, if you opt for free options

Seattle, ideally located among mountain ranges on the shores of Puget Sound, is a great place for outdoor recreation. Seattle is a sophisticated place, noted for its airplanes and technology, as it is for the Sasquatch and salmon.

There are many free things, like visiting a garden. Seattle’s parks are unique and there are free options in most places, including one free day a month, even for the Seattle Tacoma museum. If you don’t like museums, more are available for free or cheap.

One point to keep in mind is that parking in Seattle is not always free. Before planning, find the cheapest spot, so parking fees don’t eat up all your money. Parking is free on the street on Sundays, but it’s not easy to find a spot.

Attractions and activities provide extreme to mild doses and there are plenty of indoor sports. The connection to the marina offers a view of the Seattle Aquarium. Visitors can rent a sea kayak and get out of the water. There are wooded parks and scenic piers that show you the natural beauty of the region.

Most of Seattle’s landmarks allow you to visit them for free. You can walk around and see the Space Needle, the art galleries, the Casa del Centro and also hang out at the International Fountain. There are Metro Transit buses that take you to free transportation areas near the Seattle Center. Free nights are offered for teens and seniors at the museums, and per month, during the week, everyone can enjoy a free visit to the Tacoma Museum of Art, Bellevue Museum of Art, Seattle Museum of Asian Art and Museum of Seattle Art.

Seattle is dotted with green space and it’s free. Explore or hike to old greenhouses or water towers. Pike Place Market costs a fee, but roaming the market is free.


The Link light rail runs every 6 to 15 minutes and is available from Sea-Tac International Airport to downtown Seattle. The Metro Transit King County provides bus service in downtown Seattle. It also has a mobile application.

An all-day transit pass is available at $ 8 and is available at all vending machines that allow unlimited rides. However, the transit pass costs $ 3.50 per trip. Trams are 10-15 minutes away and the fare is $ 2.50 for an adult.

The monorail operates regularly from 7.30 am to 11 pm and on weekends from 8.30 am to 11 pm. The ticket costs $ 2.50 for an adult. There are rideshare features with Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar in the third-floor parking lot. You can take a car, a limousine, or a taxi from the baggage claim area. All trips can be schedules with phone applications.

There are rental cars available by the hour, 24/7 shuttle buses, courtesy vehicles and shuttles, as well as rideshare and express shuttle vans. The Seattle train has Amtrak service routes.

Food choices

The food options in Seattle are endless. Try pizza sauce, Lake Union handmade pasta, seafood at Madrona, see pasta made in Italian restaurants. The Altura restaurant offers innovative foods that are lighter on the wallet and filling for your food pallet.

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