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Rapid weight loss in teens

Your adolescence has been long enough without having to worry about something like rapid teenage weight loss. Unfortunately, today’s society pushes today’s youth harder than ever to adapt to a specific body image that may not always be the best for us or our bodies. Therefore, rapid weight loss in teens has sometimes taken a […]

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Easy orgasm control for men

Orgasm Control or simply known by its referred terms as “Surfing”, “Peaking” and “Edging”, is a distinctive form of sexual technique that involves maintaining higher levels of arousal for extended periods of time without reaching your average state of orgasm. Orgasm control is also known as “erotic sexual denial” if the orgasm does not reach […]


Convertible rollerblade

Inline skates are the modern version of traditional skates that had four wheels to ensure a good body balance for the user. They were designed to more closely mimic the dynamics of traditional single-blade ice skates. These were extremely popular in the early 1990s and have remained a popular shoe choice for sports-minded people who […]

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Does the economy affect your personal trainer salary? Team Beachbody Can Increase Profits and Productivity

Tough economic times create tough decisions for people. When the paycheck arrives and it doesn’t cover everything, people re-evaluate what is being paid and what changes can be made to balance the budget. The first things to be removed are what people consider nonessential. What they spend at the gym often falls into that category. […]