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5 steps to get a "Great name" To write the foreword to your book


It is very easy to get someone to write the foreword to your book. The hard part is finding the best person for the job. You need someone with a proven track record, such as being a published author, or a successful person in your industry, or who has a large following on social media. Additionally, they need to understand what a foreword is about, why a book has a foreword, and what role it plays in the success of their book. Here are the basic steps to finding the right person to write the foreword for your book.

1. Make a list of names

This list should be a very easy task to do. Surely you must have come across all the “big names” while researching for your book. Also, doing an Amazon search will help you find the names of the authors whose books are actually selling. And a search on Amazon will help you find the authors of newly published books. Also look at their websites. Ideally, you want a person to write your foreword who has a large following on social media or substantial press coverage.

2. Start making contact

Look up your email address on the Internet, usually on your website or work. If you can’t find your website, you can email your publisher directly. Many authors will provide you with their email address somewhere in their book. Making contact is a two-step process:

(1) Send them your first email with a compliment on a book of yours that you have read and referred to in your writing. Or, instead of that email, you can try connecting with them on LinkedIn and giving them a compliment on their writing or book.

(2) Send them a second email in a few weeks asking them to write the foreword to your book.

3. make it easy for them

Do this in three easy steps:

(1) In that second email, please attach a PDF of the book.

(2) Make sure your book is highly polished. No typos, no spelling mistakes, no mistakes. You should include a very professional looking book cover in your PDF. All of this will help you look like a pro. As someone you can trust and who won’t mind putting your name on it.

(3) And finally, keep your request simple and short. Your request must be very honest and sincere. If there is any hint of dishonesty or insincerity in your request, they will never deal with you again.

4. Explain the benefits

(1) The main benefit they will get from writing the foreword to your book is exposure or publicity. Be sure to tell them that you will include their name on the cover of your book. Celebrities, industry “bigwigs” and “big name” authors are just as interested in advertising as the rest of us. We all want to attach our name to someone who we think has a good chance of getting us that exposure.

(2) Explain that you value their opinion and that it is very important to you that you include their opinion in your book.

(3) A PDF of your book will show you how well designed and professional your book cover is, you will also see how well written your book is, as well as reading the great testimonials you have already received for your book. Also, your website, blog, and LinkedIn page should look amazing. Your website and blog should have great content and look very professional. All of this will show that you are serious about the issue.

5. Follow-up

Wait a week. Send them a third email asking if they received your last email requesting that they consider writing the foreword to your book. Tell them that if they have any questions or need more information about you or your book, to email you at any time. Keep it short and simple. If they are really interested, they will usually let you know within a week. If not, move on to the next option on your list.


Asking someone to write your foreword is a straightforward process. Be nice to them, show them that you are serious about it, and then ask them. But remember, you must first have everything on its full end and looking great. And never forget, you need them more than they need you, so don’t be a pest and don’t sound desperate. The worst that can happen is that they say no.

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