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5 fun ideas for corporate events: mix of work and play

The experience of forming “islands of team” within the corporate atmosphere is common to many, many companies. This phenomenon occurs when small groups of individuals, generally those who have a common goal within the organization or similar job function, join together and exclude other employees. The people involved can be team players … but only within a small circle. they pose both challenges and solutions for companies with experience in “team islands”. A well chosen, managed and well configured one can be the catalyst that begins to break the boundaries between teams and merge them. Today we look at some guidelines for creating a team island across the organization through your!

What are team islands and how are they formed?

The phenomenon of ‘team islands’ can be summarized very simply:

– Small groups of people work well together

– However, there are problems in the relationships between the teams.

A ‘team island’ can be as small as three people and as large as thirty, and they will be moved from the workplace to. They are usually formed due to differences in work goals and can be strengthened by the presence of markers and limits in the work environment.

Some examples of markers and boundaries that help define islands of equipment in the workplace include:

• Different work uniforms

• Different versions of the company logo.

• Salary scales

• The type of language used in the performance of your job.

• Being in different areas of the office, or in cubicles compared to closed offices, for example.

• Meeting structures that separate teams

• Independent parking areas

Preparing to split the team islands with:

A corporate event in and of itself is not enough to divide the team islands. And, in fact, the ideal is some degree of separation within teams; it is simply not possible for people to be especially close to everyone in the workplace. However, he will do his best to help break down the island’s barriers and encourage when:

• Pay attention to remove markers in the workplace in advance: create common car parking areas, the same uniform for all staff, etc.

• The removal of markers and limits takes place around the same time as the corporate event

Choose a corporate event to facilitate the breakdown of the island:

Some corporate events are designed to work in small teams, others are designed to work on a larger scale. Some, like karting, can combine these two approaches depending on exactly how the day is designed. If you are trying to break boundaries, try to ensure that all of your staff have the same experience. You will need to carefully choose the activity of the corporate event and participate in the setup.

Should you split up a team for an event?

There is a temptation to physically separate these little islands of teams through your corporate event, placing a graphic designer with a journalist, a saleswoman, and a manager within a group at your event. However, you will have to be careful how you do it! If your staff feel they are being manipulated, the net positive effect of your corporate event will be lost. You don’t necessarily have to please the existing teams at the corporate event, just find a different way to mix people up.

These might be:

• Based on the alphabetical order of the last name

• According to the month of birth

• Based on a random activity like drawing straws

Corporate events are one of the most effective ways to integrate teams into your organization … but demand their power wisely!

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