350cc Implants: How Big Will My Breasts Be?

One important thing to understand about this question is that 350cc breast implants can increase the size of one woman’s breasts in a very different way than another. Since each woman’s body is unique, of course, breast implants once in place can have a different effect on you than in any breast augmentation photo you have found on the internet. Only your plastic surgeon can adequately explain how this implant size will specifically affect your breast. However, we can come up with an estimate of how a plant of that size will increase the size of your breasts based on a few important factors.

1) What is your current bra cup size?

2) Will the breast implant be placed above or below the muscle?

3) Will you be using a high or low profile implant?

Current bra size

For the first point of the current bra cup size, you can estimate that a 350cc breast implant will increase the size of your breasts by approximately 2 cups. As a general rule of thumb, it is often considered that for every 175cc to 200cc of implant volume, a woman may experience approximately a larger bra cup size. Therefore, the 350 would fall into the low range of increasing your breast size by about two cups. If you are currently wearing an AA cup bra, growing two cup sizes would be in the range of a C cup, for example.

Profile: low, moderate, high

The second mentioned implant profile factor is important, especially when it comes to the width of your breasts. If you have a smaller bra band size, like 32 to 34 inches for example, a higher profile implant is generally used to achieve a C cup in bra size. In general, the higher the profile, the smaller the implant width. For women with a bra band size of 36 to 38 inches, a lower profile can generally be recommended.

Laying above or below

The last factor mentioned above refers to the placement of the implants. Most women decide to place the implant under the muscle. In this case, a slightly larger implant is needed to achieve the same result as an implant placed on the muscle. Many doctors suggest that the difference between the two locations can be between 15 and 20 percent. In other words, a 350cc implant under the muscle will likely be similar to a 300cc over the muscle due to the compression of the implant under the muscle.

Using meters

A good way to estimate how your own body will be affected by implants is to use an implant sizing system. The new systems available today allow you to try a wide variety of cup sizes before making your final decision.

In this case, you may want to test a range of calibrators from 300cc to 400cc in 50cc increments. Implant calipers, also known as trial implants, are designed to be worn outside the body but inside a bra. Similar in volume to a breast implant, the meter will give you a good idea of ​​how these sizes will increase the size of your bra.

After trying the implant calipers, you may like the look and feel of a certain implant size, for example 400cc or 375cc. After showing your plastic surgeon the meter in your breast size bra, they may suggest that they will need to use a larger implant size to achieve the same effect as the meter. This may be especially true if the implant is going to be placed under the muscle. Again, generally speaking, if you like a 400cc size, your surgeon might suggest that you use 15-20 percent larger on actual implants to achieve a meter-like look.

These are all rules of thumb, of course, and only you and your doctor can make the decision on how a specific implant, with a specific profile, will increase your cup size.

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