3 easy signs to discover if a woman loves you: the quick formula to read her mind

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: “Does he really like me?” or “Do you see me as a lover or just a friend?” The answers may depend on you, but what about the woman you like? A guy will always find a way to find out if the girl likes him. He will do everything possible to get her attention. A guy can easily pick up on a girl’s subtle movements, from the way she looks to how she moves her hair. There are countless signs to determine if a girl is interested in you, but only three of them stand out.

• You’ll know if the woman likes you if she keeps laughing at your jokes. It’s safe to say that many women get turned on by men who can pull a prank. If you think the idea of ​​making a girl laugh only happens in movies, think again. When you show your knack for humor, it’s an indication that he enjoys your company. However, there are limitations that you should be aware of when joking. When you’re not in the mood to laugh, try not to start with a half joke or something that goes beyond what a real laugh means. Remember, there is always a right time and place to show your sense of humor.

• She doesn’t resist telling him intimate stories. The curiosity of a boy to know the personal side of the girl is natural in her manhood. There are times when they will try to turn a casual conversation into something deep, depending on how long they have known each other. You’ll know if he likes you when he aggressively responds to every question you ask. When she is the first to open an intimate topic, you are already sure enough that she really likes you.

• Dares you to take a sip of his drink. This is by far the easiest sign to figure out if he likes you. This usually happens when a girl flirts. According to some experts, this sign is a great indicator that a guy should always keep in mind, especially when he is courting someone. When she asks you to take a sip of her drink (whether it’s tequila, margarita, or tea) it means she’s interested in getting to know your passionate side. Also, she is likely to ask you questions like “can I call you?”, “who are you with?” or “will you go out with me tonight?”

What if you could seduce any woman you wanted?

I know how difficult this can be, but you see, as humans, we all have two ways of thinking. Number 1 is using logic or our conscious minds. No. 2 is using emotion or our subconscious minds.

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