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3 books every woman should read

Three books have significantly improved my life as a young woman today. After trying almost all birth control methods (successfully I might add), but wanting to serve my body better than making you believe that you are already pregnant through hormones for over 6 years, I found the perfect birth control method and I can’t believe it. women across the country are not taught on a regular basis. It is free and effective. It is a fertility chart. The next two are harder pills to swallow because they are about men and money, two topics that some of us women just can’t seem to seduce. The authors of Tell It Like You are quickly demystify these two topics and give you the wisdom to learn from their history and move beyond where you’ve been.

Take Charge of Your Fertility, The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Achieving Pregnancy, and Reproductive Health by Toni Weschler

Knowing your body through fertility charts can help you avoid pregnancy, promote pregnancy, detect problems early and possibly resolve them, and tell you when your periods are due so that you can plan for them if they don’t affect you. This information has been lost due to the change in popularity towards hormonal birth control, but it is still one of the best, if not the best of all! For those many women who have been trying to conceive without success, the clues to what is happening could very well lie within your chart. This book is cleverly written, half for those who prevent and the last half for those trying to conceive, hence the name Taking Charge of Your Fertility for What You Want. In an age when religious communities are the only organizations teaching this method, this book enables a lonely person to relearn sex education, the science behind the reproduction of their body, and a method that takes into account all the natural family planning practices for maximum precision. information. As a method, it is as effective as most hormonal birth control when used correctly, and as a book, you will have no excuse not to use it correctly! In friendly language, the book is a great reference to have on your shelf even after you’ve learned to graph.

Money, A Memoir: Women, Emotions, and Cash by Liz Perle

We cannot pretend that women and money are the same as men and money. Women as a gender receive much less information about money than the men in their life. This is due to a long history of women not earning their own money and not so long ago. Women, even after entering the workplace and even conquering many fields, have different attitudes about money than men. They approach salary negotiation, expenses, money conversations with friends, and almost every other aspect of money differently than men do. Liz Perle in her book Money, A Memoir fully explains our story to us. What happened to our relationships, finances, personal aspirations, and emotions when women were allowed to work? She explains how we are conditioned differently from men and gives us the wisdom that we probably missed, but our brother did not. This book is just the adjustment you need to address financial goals and learn more about responsibility. It is not as feminist as it seems. It is a real side of the history of our economy written from a female perspective that is not told often enough. Knowing this information can change the trajectory of your life.

He’s just not that interested in you: The No Excuses Truth to Understand Guys by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

Greg Behrendt was a script consultant for the hit show Sex In The City and the concept of He’s Not That in You was conceived from one episode. Too many otherwise smart women are making excuses for men’s behavior that clearly shows they don’t like you that much! Greg and Liz explain that men aren’t complicated, but they rarely have the balls to tell a girl they don’t feel the same way. On a Dear Abby platform, letters from women fill the pages of this book telling stories that we have at least heard or told ourselves, and ask the same questions that we have asked ourselves, our friends and God. The answer, bluntly, is usually “he just doesn’t like you that much.” It will make you reconsider your whole life and you will want to buy a copy for a friend! Getting the truth bomb from Greg, A Man Without Fear, frees you from once again tolerating less than honesty and / or admiration. Every woman who has to go through dating in today’s world has to get a copy of this book in her hands without a ring!

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