The importance of privacy in your workplace

These days, courts are faced with many issues related to decisions made on an employer’s right to know against the employee’s right to privacy. Employers’ interests seem to be in conflict with employee privacy rights these days. Individuals are paid for their productivity, however, in recent times there is a great concern about wasting time, […]

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian economy

The Covid-19 epidemic is one of the biggest disasters in pandemic history. The impact of the corona virus pandemic is very disturbing and has not spared anyone from its ill effects. There has been a major increase in death rates around the world. Not only are people losing their loved ones, they are also losing […]

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3 books every woman should read

Three books have significantly improved my life as a young woman today. After trying almost all birth control methods (successfully I might add), but wanting to serve my body better than making you believe that you are already pregnant through hormones for over 6 years, I found the perfect birth control method and I can’t […]


Kickers are rare

I was a sports broadcaster for 35 years, mainly covering the National Football League. I learned many things in that time, but one thing stands out and I am going to share it with you now: Kickers are rare Go back and read it again, several times. I put it in big letters for a […]

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The many types of palm trees

There are thousands of species of palm trees. They are considered to be tropical in nature, but most people don’t know that cold hardy palms can be planted outside without any visible damage from temperatures as low as -20 ° F. You can see this as far north as Canada and Switzerland. . Palm trees, […]