Digital Marketing

Coding creativity

Can we code creativity? Within these few words are a number of principles that must be identified and resolved before we can actually answer the question. The first question is what is creativity? What are we trying to code? A useful definition of creativity is that it is about problem identification and idea generation. Another […]


Tips to avoid getting hacked

I own and operate my own website, and I must admit that sometimes it is not easy at all. My website is over two years old. It is what I consider an online marketplace, some refer to it as an auction site; But it is much more than that. I also opened my site to […]


Alternative energy sources for cars of the future

A triple understanding would emphasize the importance of alternative energy resources in the near future. The reasons why the mindset towards the use of alternative energy resources will change over the next half century. How this change (i.e. the use of alternative energy) will affect automotive technology. The various types of alternative energy resources that […]

Health Fitness

How to run successful webinars

Can you ride a bicycle? Maybe when you started, you had training wheels and maybe your parents or older brother helped you. Eventually, those training wheels were removed. You staggered, staggered, and fell several times, but finally learned to ride a bike on two wheels and felt great about yourself. Hosting and running successful webinars […]


The unconditional love of an animal

There is nothing on this planet like the unconditional love of an animal. The positive effects that animals have on most people go beyond words. They offer us moral support and a comforting welcome when life can get difficult or uncomfortable. Always by our side, his affection transcends any limit. How can such a powerful […]