Real Estate

My clients do not rent

Having been in the equipment leasing industry for several years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard business owners, sales managers, and sales reps make the comment, “My customers don’t rent!” Then I will continue with the question, “How do you know?” The answer is usually something like “It never comes up” or […]

Shopping Product Reviews

Installation Guide and Warnings for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has made a strategic move by presenting Windows 10 as reversing all criticism about its previously released version of the Windows operating system (win 8). The company announced the launch of this numerically questionable successor to Windows 8 during an event in San Francisco. Shortly after Microsoft announced Windows 10 and discussed its features, […]


Webosaurs – Virtual Worlds Reviews for Kids

Webosaurs is a social media massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was released in October 2009 by Reel FX Entertainment. It started out as a free beta testing site until all the scheduling issues were fixed. The site is aimed at children 5 to 12 years old. Dinosaurs have always been popular with children. […]

Home Kitchen

Inside Tiny Houses – Are you ready?

Mr. Jay Shafer is the responsible genius who came up with the idea for Tiny Houses! His company, known as Tumbleweed, is part of the tiny home movement. In 2002, he co-founded the Small House Society in Iowa City, Iowa. In 2003, Gregory Paul Johnson commissioned him to build The Mobile Hermitage, which became one […]


What you need to know about SUVs

Sport utility vehicles It’s no wonder that SUVs are among the most popular cars in America. SUVs provide room to walk and can handle adverse driving conditions and surfaces. They are the perfect vehicle for the busy family on the go. However, there are a number of SUV issues that need to be considered when […]

Digital Marketing

Tips on how to sell stock photos

Stock photography sites have made it easy for photographers to sell their photos online. However, just because you take photos does not mean that a stock photo site, like Istockphoto, for example, will accept them in their market. In order to sell your photos on a stock photography website, the website must believe that your […]