Some of my favorite eyeglass frames

I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old. Back then, I practically wore what my parents chose for me. But, as long as I’ve been able to buy my own specs, I’ve always gone for the classic-looking frames. I choose the frames for my glasses in the same way that I buy […]


Lowering the curtain

Although it may be a winner of a well-written award, a single book, an independent novel, has little chance of commercial success in today’s reading market. The mass of readers want recurring heroes, protagonists who return to deliver the merchandise on more adventures. It is something the reader can look forward to and is comfortable […]

Health Fitness

Aldosterone to remove water weight

Sometimes a man wants to look as ragged and slim as possible. It can be for a competition, a photoshoot, or maybe just a hot date. Whatever the reason, in addition to muscle definition, there are two factors that impact how lean and defined you look: body fat and water retention. Obviously, you can’t look […]

Legal Law

Induction conversation

A young aspiring woman entering the corporate corridor for the first time is actually taking her professional birth. That is why, like a newborn baby, you need to adapt to the new environment. This adaptation process begins with effective induction. Here are excerpts from an imaginary conversation that took place between Ms Jenny Patel (Post […]


A terrifying dream or the call of love

For a challenging job in the Navy, I decided to leave my beautiful Celine at home with a caretaker, Tim. Like any loving couple, we had many aspirations. But when the police listed Celine as a missing person, all my aspirations vanished into thin air, leaving a trail of pain and despair. I felt cheated […]